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by @levelsio

Africa Startup Ideas

2 years ago

Idea: A new luxury travel brand that sells experiences like a cooking class in Marrakesh, a private beach in Bali, or a safari trip in Africa. The company is targeting high net worth travelers with up to $3 million in investable assets.

2 years ago

This startup is building a digital banking platform for the developing world, enabling mobile banking across all of Africa.

2 years ago

A startup that helps startups in the Middle East and North Africa build apps. The startup allows the companies to build their own mobile apps, but then handles the back-end development and provides tech support.

2 years ago

A startup that provides online courses for students in Africa to help them get college credit

2 years ago

A chat app for the former French colony in West Africa, the Ivory Coast. It was launched in August 2015 and has already built up a following among young people.

2 years ago

A startup looking to help entrepreneurs in Africa start and grow businesses based on their unique needs.

2 years ago

A platform for small businesses in South Africa to connect to other businesses, build their online presence, and start selling.

2 years ago

A simple mobile money transfer service for the African market. The startup is based in Kenya and is trying to solve a problem that’s been around for decades, but hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.

2 years ago

A non-profit that follows and mentors African-American female entrepreneurs, providing them access to mentors and resources to help them build their businesses.

25 days ago

An online platform to help small businesses in India, the Middle East, and Africa get their products onto Amazon’s website.

2 years ago

Building a tool to help women navigate the world of work and start their own businesses, with a focus on Africa.

2 years ago

A personal finance tracking app for unbanked women in Africa

8 months ago

A startup that allows parents to track their kids’ and teens’ activities. The startup is currently focused on South Africa.

13 days ago

A payment platform connecting merchants to customers in Africa and beyond.

2 years ago

A money transfer service for the African market. The startup is launching in Cameroon in August and will expand to other countries as it progresses. The founders say their product is already being used in more than 60 countries.

5 months ago

 A tool that helps farmers in Africa grow crops that are more productive and sustainable.

5 months ago

A platform that helps small businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region sell and distribute goods.

10 months ago

A digital currency wallet and exchange for the African market.

9 months ago

A new business accelerator based in Silicon Valley, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, that targets African-American tech founders with the goal of “helping them grow their businesses so they can help build the next generation of African-American tech leaders”.

10 months ago

Helping people in Africa and Brazil to share their homes with strangers.

9 months ago

A company that sells the best-in-class water filters for the African market.

7 months ago

 The startup is building a toolkit to make it easier for businesses to collect and analyze data in disparate systems. It is looking to help companies that do business with customers in Africa.

6 months ago

A startup that makes it easier for African migrants to navigate the bureaucracy of getting a tourist visa to the US.

6 months ago

A startup that will buy your old TV sets, build them into solar-powered generators, and then resell them to people in Africa who need power.

7 months ago

A “skin care brand for women of color”, built for the black community. The startup is a 50/50 partnership between two black women in Silicon Valley and a black woman in South Africa.

5 months ago

A firm that wants to help people get a piece of the digital advertising market in Africa. The platform helps companies create ad campaigns and works with brands to target their ads at a specific audience.

8 months ago

A startup with a library of over 2,500 Indian-subsaharan African writers and translators, it aims to create a platform for them to reach a wider global audience.

7 months ago

Technology for tailoring and sharing educational resources for kids. The company has 8 employees and is initially focused on developing markets in Africa and Asia.

3 months ago

An online marketplace for the sharing of cars. Carpool is already in cities in the US and Europe, but the founders want to expand it to Africa and Asia.

11 months ago

The company wants to be the first to deliver a biometric identity platform to countries in Africa and India.

3 months ago

A smart, affordable, and easy-to-use healthcare service for the under-served in Africa. Their goal is to build infrastructure that is sustainable for the long-term with a focus on sustainability, and to make it affordable for everyone.

1 month ago

A company that rents cars without a reservation. The company’s first product is a ride-sharing app, with a focus on the African market.

2 years ago

Idea: An online platform that helps companies post jobs in Africa and screen for the right candidates It was created by two brothers, one who had worked at Google, the other who had worked at Uber in Nigeria, where they were inspired to make it easier for companies to hire in Africa