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by @levelsio

Female Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A female-focused, non-sexualized virtual reality platform where women can connect with other women in a safe and judgement-free environment to discuss and learn about sexual health and wellness.

2 years ago

A solution for female entrepreneurs to generate revenue online without having to deal with the day-to-day work of running a business.

4 months ago

A digital health startup that helps you manage your health, in real time. It is the only startup in the YC batch with a female founder.

2 years ago

A venture capital firm that invests only in female founders, focusing on early-stage companies that focus on women’s health.

2 years ago

A female-focused podcast network that focuses on health and wellness.

2 years ago

A startup for female entrepreneurs where they can share products and get feedback, plus other resources.

2 years ago

A startup that makes custom-made, 3D-printed female prosthetics that can be used to treat urinary incontinence in women.

2 years ago

The startup operates a women’s-only workspace that allows female entrepreneurs to connect and build new ideas.

2 years ago

A non-profit that follows and mentors African-American female entrepreneurs, providing them access to mentors and resources to help them build their businesses.

2 years ago

A startup for tracking running mileage, showing a user’s progress in terms of distance run and time spent running. The startup is focused on the female market.

2 years ago

A customizable, female-friendly skincare brand that uses AI to make products that are good for the skin.

1 year ago

A startup that launched in 2009, The Ophelia Project is the original "crowdfunding for women" platform, meaning it enables female entrepreneurs to raise money from female investors. It has raised $133 million since its inception.

2 years ago

The Y Combinator Summer 2019 batch had 56 companies, down 8 from the previous batch. This batch was the first to feature more only-female teams than male teams.

2 years ago

A female-led startup that wants to help people take their "empowerment through dance" through workshops and classes.

2 years ago

A platform that helps connect female entrepreneurs with investors. Its founders are hoping to reach 1 million female founders in the next 10 years.

1 year ago

A platform for women to share and rate personal and commercial services and products, but with a focus on female- and minority-owned services and products.

3 months ago

A social network designed to encourage female leaders in the technology field.

2 years ago

Cofounder of the company, a former financial industry analyst, began researching the fintech industry in 2017. She found a dearth of female founders in the space. In her startup’s pitch deck, she highlights several female founders as part of the company’s advisory board.

1 year ago

A Y Combinator alum looking to build a “female-focused social network for millennial women”.

1 year ago

The company makes a point of celebrating the diversity of its employees, regardless of background. They’re relatively young — the company is the youngest in YC to go from demo day to $1 million in revenue — and more than half of the team is female.

2 months ago

A conference series, which has featured an all-female speaker lineup, and a $15 fee.

9 months ago

Helping companies find and hire female engineers with a tool that uses data and algorithms to assess a candidate’s potential. The idea is that the startup can predict how women will respond to certain interview questions, and the more data it can crunch, the better.

7 months ago

One of the most-followed accounts on Instagram is a personal food blog from a female scout leader, who shares recipes and photos of food. Cookbook.me wants to build a crowdsourced site that crowdsources content from bloggers and chefs.

5 months ago

It's a digital network of female filmmakers and filmmakers at risk, with a launch in NYC in 2017.