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4 months ago

 A startup that’s looking to replace the paper nurse call sheets and patient logs with a digital solution that can be accessed by employees at home or on the go via a smartphone app.

2 years ago

A helpdesk platform for developers and startups that can be accessed from any web browser. Users can call, chat, and file tickets.

3 years ago

A startup that aggregates offline data on a device and allows it to be accessed by other applications.

1 year ago

A cloud storage product that will allow mobile developers to continue building apps and distribute them for free. All of the data will be stored in the cloud and accessed via an iOS and Android app.

1 year ago

An API that can be used to integrate web and mobile applications with the API and create a single platform. The API is designed to help enterprise and developers build applications with a central hub that can be accessed from multiple devices.

3 years ago

A startup that wants to build a platform for managing and organizing your entire digital life. It’s a way to keep things organized on all your devices, including a “calendar of everything” that can be accessed from any device.

3 years ago

A digital assistant that helps people manage their medical records, allowing them to be accessed through an app on any device. The startup aims to make using medical records easier and more accessible.

3 years ago

A company that uses real-time technology to make sure that your home security system is always on, and that it can be accessed by your family members and friends. It’s also a tool to protect against cyber thieves who could potentially hack into your devices.

3 years ago

A company that helps businesses manage data from virtual assistants. The idea is that the assistant can ask for and get information and then send the request to the company's website, where the data is stored and can be accessed.

2 years ago

A digital library for art and music that’s built using blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized system, built on top of the Ethereum network, that tracks and stores art pieces, but also allows for them to be accessed via a web interface.

2 years ago

This startup is creating a platform for financial markets that can be accessed and used by both startups and big financial firms.

3 years ago

A tool for mobile, web, and desktop developers to build mobile and desktop apps that can be accessed locally or remotely.

9 months ago

This is a platform for web developers to build websites that can be accessed from one device and synced across different devices.

2 years ago

Companies can use Made.io to upload and store their files in the cloud, so that they can easily be accessed when needed. The company then provides its own hosting and security, and then takes a small cut of the revenue.

2 years ago

A health insurance startup that is building a fraud detection platform. The company is building a fraud detection engine that will alert customers if their account is being fraudulently accessed, instead of the fraud being detected by fraud detection systems in the insurance company.

8 months ago

A digital storage locker for large amounts of data that can be accessed from anywhere.

2 years ago

A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage their phone calls with a single dashboard that can be accessed from any device. The founders say they’ve already had over 400,000 calls a month through their platform.

1 year ago

A personal trainer that can be accessed from the app. It’s being funded by a $12M series A.

1 year ago

Kaitlyn D'Arcy: "Nubank's Head of Marketing Is a Millennial, Who Lives in a Commuter Town, And Has an App to Get Her to Work". "Inc." July 2017. Accessed May 28, 2018.

9 months ago

A company that organizes and indexes news from around the world, so it can be accessed worldwide in one place. According to Who Pays for Content, the average cost of a year of access to the Who Pays for Content database is $10,000, with annual revenue of $1,000,000.

1 year ago

A startup that helps software companies manage their security by providing a mobile application that allows people to connect to their accounts, sending them alerts when they log on from other places in the world, or when their account is accessed from a location that they didn’t specify. The company is currently working with 4 enterprise customers.

1 year ago

A Boston-based startup that’s building a way to store and organize restaurant and event reviews so that they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.

8 months ago

A startup that allows businesses to create a secure, private and encrypted “front door” to their company that can be accessed by employees, contractors, and customers.

2 months ago

A smart locker for shared office space. The startup is building a way for office tenants to rent a locker for personal items and leave a digital key on the lock with the office, allowing items to be accessed as needed.

1 month ago

A company that claims to be the only provider of “cloud” enterprise analytics that can be accessed by an end user with a mobile device.

3 months ago

 A startup that is building a platform that allows cities and municipalities to build their own parking apps. The idea is that the parking app can be accessed via an app on a smartphone, and gives the city data on the movements of the cars in the area, in real time.