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by @levelsio

Prepaid Startup Ideas

2 years ago

This startup wants to build a new type of credit card for the underbanked, especially in developing countries. It takes the form of a prepaid card and is available in any currency. Given the lack of banking options in many such countries, the startup sees a lot of potential for growth.

1 month ago

A platform that makes it easier for consumers to switch from prepaid to postpaid, based on their usage.

1 year ago

A company that lets people set aside money for their child's college education by investing in a prepaid tuition plan.

3 years ago

a company that helps customers in Europe manage their money quickly and easily. Its first product will be a prepaid Visa card that can be loaded with cash through a debit card.

3 years ago

This startup is a platform that allows shoppers to send gifts to any other shopper with a linked debit or credit card, or even a prepaid card.

2 years ago

A startup for buying and selling airtime on prepaid phones, currently live in Sweden.

1 year ago

A company that aims to develop a pay-as-you-go model for travel, combining the convenience of an app with the cost-cutting of a prepaid plan.

3 years ago

A startup that allows customers to buy groceries with a prepaid Visa card. It’s already in the works with over 16,000 users.

3 years ago

A payment platform for mobile airtime cards and prepaid calling cards

2 years ago

A way to transfer money from a bank account to a prepaid card.

2 years ago

A startup that’s bringing Bitcoin into the physical world, with a prepaid debit card and a physical debit card. The founders want to make Bitcoin universally usable, and are building a physical card to use at stores, ATMs, and anywhere else.

2 years ago

A company that helps students pay for tuition with a prepaid debit card, available to any in the US. The startup has built a “pay to school” system that works with any college, university, or trade school. The startup doesn’t operate in Brazil.

2 years ago

A platform that aims to replace the traditional credit card with a prepaid card that allows you to load funds to it at stores, without having to register it.

2 years ago

A platform that allows users to run localized peer-to-peer sales of prepaid minutes.

1 year ago

A prepaid debit card that also acts as a bank account, so you can buy things without needing a credit card.

1 year ago

A startup that is building a platform that lets people set up recurring payments on their credit card and prepaid cards. They are also building a platform to help banks interact with their customers.

1 year ago

A startup that lets you skip the line at the airport. It’s a mobile app that acts as a prepaid mobile wallet to avoid the long lines of the TSA.

1 year ago

A credit card and prepaid card for parents to use for their children’s allowance.

1 year ago

A way to send money to people who don’t have bank accounts, or have a different bank account than you. Users can buy prepaid cards, which they then load money to.

1 year ago

A company that’s trying to make money work better in the US by “printing” prepaid debit cards.

6 months ago

The Startup is developing A payment solution for ridesharing platforms such as Uber and Lyft which accepts payments from credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and mobile wallet payments.

4 months ago

A digital bank that provides a bank account for freelancers, allowing them to connect their prepaid debit cards to their business account for payroll and other transactions.

1 month ago

A company that makes a sort of digital lockbox for your bitcoins, combining the security of a physical vault with the convenience of an app. You can also use the lockbox to purchase items with bitcoin, including prepaid gift cards.

5 months ago

A startup of prepaid credit card accounts, available through a mobile app.

1 month ago

Native mobile finance for the Philippines. Customers can choose between a bank account, prepaid card, and even a credit card.

5 months ago

An investment they’re funding personally with this round, social finance firm Monzo is a bank focused on making personal finance easy and accessible, with a minimalistic, simple interface and a rewards program that emphasizes savings. They’re experimenting with new products like peer-to-peer lending and a prepaid debit card.

3 years ago

Idea: A vending machine that sells prepaid phone minutes