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by @levelsio

Manually Startup Ideas

3 years ago

A digital assistant for the wine industry, helping professionals like sommeliers and winemakers learn from the data they have without having to manually track it.

3 years ago

A tool that helps businesses track inventory for their e-commerce site, which is the dream of every store owner but impossible to do manually.

3 years ago

A company that’s building a “novel” construction management system for construction projects that use “smart data” to predict how expensive a project will be down to the square foot of a building. It’s meant to replace the current method where a project management team manually calculates the costs.

3 years ago

A startup building a platform for mortgage brokers to manage their day-to-day tasks. They want to automate tasks that are often done manually, like pulling data from legal documents.

3 years ago

A company focused on helping companies find and recruit people who create content like blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels. Content creators have to manually fill out applications and get approval from the startup to be on their platform. The startup has already raised $100,000 and is looking for more investment.

3 years ago

This company is building a “truly independent” alternative to Google News. It looks at all the news sources on the web and aggregates them into a single stream, eliminating the need for users to manually visit all their sources.

3 years ago

An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.

3 years ago

One of the winners of the YC Engineer Day, providing a service to help companies automate their user onboarding process, making it easier for them to onboard users without needing to manually create a signup flow.

2 years ago

Instead of having to manually create and manage your own social media pages, this startup is building a single platform for all your different social media accounts.

3 years ago

A startup that helps employees set up automatic recurring payments from their paycheck. The service is aimed at companies who don’t use a software for auto payments, and the company is focused on helping these companies avoid the hassle and expense of manually setting up recurring payments.

2 years ago

This is an app that helps users track their own GPS data, rather than relying on an app that has to be updated manually

2 years ago

A tool for helping journalists report their stories, eliminating the time it takes to manually transcribe interviews.

2 years ago

Booking.com has 50 million customers, but they still have to manually approve bookings. The startup wants to build a system that automatically approves bookings for hotels, without human intervention.

1 year ago

A real estate brokerage software startup that enables brokers to work with multiple listing services (MLSs) without having to manually enter each property into multiple systems.

2 years ago

The startup aims to replace the outdated process of manually sending invoices to clients with an automated process that allows clients to request more information to either pay or dispute an invoice.

1 year ago

A startup building a predictive analytics tool for restaurants. Rather than manually input data, users can choose their ingredients and the startup will tell them what it believes will turn out best.

1 year ago

A company that wants to selectively make a person’s inbox more efficient by automatically removing messages that are less important, without having to manually flag them.

9 months ago

A mobile app that helps people inject consent to their posts, allowing them to create posts with biometric data without the burden of having to manually type in their passwords.

10 months ago

An automated ticketing platform for conferences, allowing conference organizers to schedule and sell tickets with greater precision than can be done manually

9 months ago

This company wants to make a mobile-first point-of-sale system for restaurants that allows them to get cash out as soon as the customer walks up to their counter. The more they can automate, the less they have to manage manually, the better.

1 year ago

A “smart” vending machine that dispenses medical supplies and operates on an algorithm, rather than manually dispensed ones.

1 year ago

A small business card program for small businesses. The company says it’s bringing together a lot of the things smaller businesses are currently doing manually, in spreadsheets and power points, into one place.

11 months ago

A startup that makes it easier for employees to easily request time off, so they don’t have to wait for HR to manually approve requests.

1 year ago

A Y Combinator-backed startup focused on making it easier for small businesses to manage their stock. Right now, a lot of small businesses have to hire a stock broker to set up a stock account with a bank and manage their stock manually.

8 months ago

A company building a new kind of payment card that builds on the mobile wallet paradigm that exists today. The company is building a card that can hold all of your bank card data. Instead of having to manually enter your 12-digit number every time you use the card, the card will be able to pull up your recent transactions and automatically pull in your bank card number.

6 months ago

A software platform for automating a variety of tasks that requires experts to do them manually. They currently have 13 clients.