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by @levelsio

Beer Startup Ideas

2 years ago

This startup is working on a new type of door handle, called a “keg handle,” that turns any door handle into a beer tap.

3 years ago

A delivery app that lets couriers send beer and wine deliveries to people’s homes for the same cost as ordering a pizza.

3 years ago

A startup with a tool that allows beermakers to test their beers without having to brew their own. The startup, which has been around for about four years, says they have 10 customers that are testing its pre-brewed beer.

3 years ago

A virtual reality startup that enables “hyper-local beer tasting”.

2 years ago

D.C.-based startup that lets brewers create and track of their beers.

1 year ago

A new tool for home brewing that makes it easy for people to brew beer for the first time

3 years ago

A startup that helps people find a place to get a beer or a cocktail after work

2 years ago

 A business that aims to help small-time beer makers have a better shot at getting a traditional distributor, by building a network of distributors and collectors who can help local brewers sell and promote their beers.

3 months ago

Think of the fridge as a low-cost way to store beer, wine, and other beverages without taking up too much space. The startup’s goal is to market it as a central food locker for homes and businesses.

2 years ago

This startup is making a sleek, wearable bottle opener as a way of extending the life of a beer bottle.

1 year ago

A startup that allows you to request a specific craft beer from any bar in the world and get it shipped to your home for free.

2 years ago

This startup is building a tool for beer lovers to find, learn about and share reviews of craft beers. The startup has in the past month added beer reviews from a handful of beer experts and bloggers to its platform.

1 year ago

The founders of this startup say they can produce a beer with only water that tastes as good as Budweiser. The company’s first product is a line of craft beers it describes as “India Pale Ales.”

1 year ago

A startup that allows customers to order premium coffee, tea, beer, wine, and liquor from a single source.

9 months ago

 A web-based platform for selling and importing beer, wine, and spirits, with an automated shipping operation for customers.

2 years ago

A millennial-focused startup that wants to create a locally-sourced and craft beer-friendly alternative to “traditional” craft beers. LocalBev will work directly with a brewer to create a unique beer style, with each batch brewed on an on-site system.

1 year ago

A platform that allows businesses to easily manage their inventory, whether it’s the number of cases of beer in their warehouse or the number of shoes they have in the store.

1 year ago

A favorite among beer enthusiasts, this startup has spent years building a database of beer shops and bars in major cities across North America.

10 months ago

A startup that wants to run a grocery store that doubles as a bar, with the ability for customers to order groceries online, pick them up and then order a beer, or wine, or cocktail, but only if they wish. This allows customers to order a meal without having to go out to eat.

1 year ago

 A company that develops new beer styles based on specific ingredients.

1 year ago

A new way to provide your friends with their favorite drinks, based on the idea that if you’re going out and it’s 3:30 in the morning, you’re more likely to want a beer and a shot than you are a glass of champagne.

1 year ago

The company’s mission is to help companies build mission-critical apps. Its first project is a $500,000 project for a major beer distributor, to help them build an app for their customer base of more than 1.4m people.

1 month ago

A platform for college students to buy beer, wine, and liquor. The company says they’ve already started taking pre-orders on their API and working with a handful of college stores across the country.

7 months ago

A startup for buying and selling all of the different things that people consume daily, like beer, household items, soda, or books.

5 months ago

A group of people who want to help startup founders by sharing their network (and the occasional beer) with them.

6 months ago

As a brewer, you often see people wearing a t-shirt with a beer name on it. This startup is working on a way for you to get the beer right on the shirt itself.

1 month ago

A platform for predicting which of a customer’s friends will enjoy a particular brand of beer

1 month ago

Ecommerce website that sells beer and wine, focusing on the customer experience.

3 years ago

Idea: A craft brewery with a subscription model — you can buy a membership which gives you a certain number of free beers per month, or you can pay for a certain number of beers per month.