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by @levelsio

April Startup Ideas

1 year ago

In the middle of April, Lyft announced it was making $1.25 billion in revenue per quarter, with over $1 billion in cash. In the middle of May, Uber announced that it had $7.4 billion in cash.

2 years ago

A startup that wants to solve the problem of allowing businesses to accept credit cards and bank accounts in one place. After launching in April, the company is now working on making the process seamless for customers.

2 years ago

TechCrunch’s IPOs have been pretty good over the past decade. The 14 most recent IPOs have collectively brought in $2.4 billion as of April 2018, according to research from Pitchbook.

1 year ago

A tool for managing a sales team, helping reps track and forecast sales. The company says it has been in private beta since April and is currently focused on small businesses.

2 years ago

Workers at companies like Google and Apple can get paid to do their job. The startup, which was founded in April, wants to make work day-to-day easier by integrating those jobs into payroll and HR, letting people switch jobs and be paid for the work they’re doing.

2 years ago

An AI-powered personal assistant that finds the cheapest ride for the user. The startup has over 500,000 rides booked since launching in April, with a 2% take rate.

2 years ago

A new app that allows users to “virtually” connect with a well-known psychologist. The app was launched in April and is being used by students and their parents to help them better understand their experiences with mental illness.

2 years ago

“Ask.fm for the Enterprise” is a chat app for enterprises that lets employees be more productive, and more importantly, more social. The company has raised $150,000 in seed funding and aims to launch in April.

1 year ago

A member-driven credit union that allows members to invest their money in peer-to-peer lending. The startup raised an $8 million round in April 2019, and plans to roll out to the UK and Germany in 2020, as well as other countries.

1 year ago

The startup, founded in April, is building an AI that can help people monitor and engage with their health. People can use the AI to keep track of their weight and health, and the AI will send them recommendations on how they can improve it.

1 year ago

 A startup that aims to be the Uber of online tutoring and tests.  It’s a relatively new startup, founded in April.

19 days ago

A global payments network for the $50 trillion global remittance market. Announced on April 1, the company is expected to raise a $100 million round of funding at a $2 billion valuation. The company is led by Lakhvinder Singh, a former senior executive at MasterCard and PayPal.

1 year ago

In April, the company launched a new product: a platform that allows you to create, edit, and host videos.

1 year ago

A personal finance site that helps users keep track of their spending and budget. The company launched in April 2018 and claims over 10,000 users.

1 year ago

A startup that lets people sell their old smartphones for cash. It has processed over 10,000 phones since it launched in April.

1 year ago

The company says it’s building a platform that lets customers buy and sell goods “with very little friction and no fees”. They announced a $50 million Series B round in April 2015.

1 year ago

Co-founders said they were inspired by the success of Airbnb but found themselves frustrated by the startup’s inability to deliver on its promises. Rival hotel booking site Hotels.com filed for an IPO in April 2016.

1 year ago

Little Bean is a digital marketing agency that works with companies to sell their products on social media. The startup, which was founded in April, has built a platform that allows customers to create custom campaigns on social media to advertise their products or services, which are then tracked by Little Bean, who will help the client optimize the campaign to improve ROI.

1 year ago

A payment processing platform for small businesses. The startup, which was founded in April, has already earned $200,000 in revenue, with plans to expand internationally in the next 12 months.

11 months ago

A tool for creating a budget and tracking expenses. The company was founded in April, and currently has 10 employees.

10 months ago

Launched in April, a company that helps restaurants streamline their food ordering and payroll process.

5 months ago

This startup helps brands reach their customers on Instagram, based on a user’s browsing history. They say they have sold over $50,000 worth of ads since launching in April.

3 months ago

A supply chain management service with a focus on the food industry, enabling customers to track and manage the movement of goods from farmer to table. The startup was founded in April, and has been growing rapidly.

6 months ago

A tool that helps you re-use code across your web, mobile, and desktop applications, by allowing you to link your code to an API. The startup’s co-founder says that after launching in April 2019, they’ve already signed up 600 customers.

1 month ago

A startup that helps people make money from their car. The company’s first product, a ride-sharing platform, launched in the UK in April.

2 years ago

Idea: A customizable webmail service, which aims to be a ‘safer’ alternative to Gmail. The startup has seen over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue since launching in April 2019.