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Particularly Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A platform that makes it easier for customers to build their own websites. The startup, which was founded in June, wants to help companies, particularly small businesses, create their own websites without a developer.

1 year ago

A software company that starts by building a predictive model for which loans are more likely to default and then uses that model to predict which loans are particularly risky. The company then buys up those loans and uses them as collateral for insurance on other loans.

3 years ago

A new company that wants to help people in need, particularly those who can't afford to buy an iPhone. The founders say that for a typical customer, "you'd have to work about 30 years to pay off a plan that costs $350."

2 years ago

A startup building a delivery network for equipment and equipment-related items, particularly those in the industrial market.

2 years ago

A platform for managing the career of a single individual. The company’s goal is to give a platform to employers to manage the career of a single individual. The platform is particularly interesting because it would allow a company to manage the career of a single individual.

2 years ago

A tool to help people make and sell their own physical products online, particularly since they’ve already gone through the work of designing them.

2 years ago

An offering that gives e-commerce businesses a way to track orders, which is particularly useful for online retailers in China and India.

1 month ago

A startup that works with employers to help them manage their employees’ benefits, particularly healthcare.

2 years ago

This company has developed a way to help homeless people decide if an apartment is worth locking down before signing a lease. The app, which is currently being tested in San Francisco, is meant to help people make better decisions about where to live, and could be particularly helpful for the homeless.

2 years ago

San Francisco-based startups, the city is famous for being “the capital of startups.” However, in recent years, the city has begun to lose its startup scene to other locales in the Bay Area, particularly Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco itself.

2 years ago

A project management app for startups, meant to be particularly useful in the digital sector.

2 years ago

A way to organize Facebook groups, particularly those that take after the real-world meetup and community model

8 months ago

A startup that makes it easier for Hispanic families to open a savings account for their kids, particularly the latchkey kids who aren’t old enough to have a bank account at their school. The startup’s founder says that he wants to keep his children from having to share their smartphones to stay in touch with friends, and that his kids understand the importance of saving money in order to achieve their aspirations.

8 months ago

This startup is finding new ways to bring the internet to developing countries, particularly those that are “left out” of the current internet infrastructure

1 year ago

Helping women and men, particularly in South Asia and the Middle East, to make informed, healthy choices during pregnancy and before, through their pregnancy and parenting plans.

2 years ago

A company that makes 3D printing filament for 3D printers. According to the company, “no one else makes what we make”, which is particularly important for companies that are new to 3D printing.

1 year ago

This startup makes it easier for companies to have a centralized, secure place to store and share articles, videos, and other digital content—particularly for content that’s both time sensitive and highly valuable.

1 year ago

The startup wants to make it easier to buy and sell tickets to events, particularly sporting events.

1 year ago

A way to manage various third party APIs and mobile SDKs within an app. The company wants to make it easier for app developers to build and manage services on an app, particularly when they are building mobile apps.

1 year ago

A tool for helping people with mental illnesses and disabilities manage their medications and stay on track, particularly those with bipolar disorder.

1 year ago

A startup that aims to fix the lack of data that exists on small businesses, particularly those in the food industry.

1 year ago

A company that provides data to help businesses make decisions. They’re particularly interested in the insurance sector, and are targeting “insurance executives who are looking to make data-based decisions in a cost-effective way”.

6 months ago

A startup that helps teachers prepare for standardized tests. It’s particularly useful for those in rural schools, where teachers have to travel long distances to get to their classrooms.

1 year ago

This startup helps nonprofit organizations — particularly those serving women and children — connect with government and other stakeholders to solve problems and create impact.

9 months ago

The startup wants to make it easier for companies to manage their data center, particularly those that have a lot of virtual machines running.

5 months ago

This startup’s mission is to make it easier for small businesses to buy and sell inventory online. They’re particularly interested in bringing inventory to the US, since most online businesses in the US are local.

2 months ago

A job-search company that allows people to access their resume online from anywhere, with a feature similar to LinkedIn called "Credentials" that lets you highlight skills you’re particularly proud of.

5 hours ago

A company that helps people, particularly people with disabilities and those living in remote areas, find jobs. It uses a phone app to connect people with employers, with the company saying it has 10,000 users and 3,000 employers on its platform.