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by @levelsio

Ticketing Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A startup that is building a way to sell tickets to virtual events. Currently focused on ticketing for fitness events.

2 years ago

This startup wants to make it easier to sell tickets for events by allowing users to sell tickets to venues directly. Currently, the startup is only working with venues that have their own ticketing software, but in the future it hopes to work with event organizers as well.

2 years ago

A music and event ticketing startup that takes a commission on ticket sales.

2 years ago

An open-source platform for allowing any developer to build an on-demand movie ticketing app.

2 years ago

A mobile ticketing app with a twist. Rather than having to enter into a ticketing website, users can simply scan their ticket and get a notification when they’re at the gate.

2 years ago

A ticketing platform for theater and other live entertainment.

1 year ago

This startup is building a system that allows people to buy and sell tickets for events of any scale, with the ultimate goal of building an all-in-one ticketing platform for events.

2 years ago

A new way of coordinating and selling tickets for events. The company’s product is less a ticketing platform and more a toolset for event organizers to use.

2 years ago

The company behind the traditional online ticketing service is building a mobile ticketing app for the youth in India.

1 year ago

A ticketing system for events, such as conferences and sporting events

9 months ago

A ticketing platform for small business. The startup was launched in June 2016.

10 months ago

A startup for booking and paying for events, including ticketing and payment processing, with a focus on the B2B space.

5 months ago

A tool for selling tickets to events, where both the buyer and seller can reap the benefits of ticketing technology.

1 year ago

A digital ticketing and event management platform, catering to events of all sizes from small meetups to large concerts.

1 year ago

A ticketing and event ticketing software company. The startup wants to build a platform for events to sell tickets online, as well as a way to sell tickets at non-traditional venues like bars and gyms.

2 years ago

Idea: A startup that helps you to search for nearby events, and also provides a link to the ticketing page. It’s similar to Eventbrite, but focuses on local events.

1 year ago

A ticketing software that allows you to pick up tickets from local venues and print them out at home (or by mobile app)

1 year ago

A startup that turns Facebook into a universal customer service ticketing system for companies. There are no fees for companies to get their tickets listed on the platform and brands can post customer service conversations on the site.

5 months ago

A “smart-ticketing platform” that can help sports teams and venues get more revenue. It uses the blockchain to let teams and venues sell tickets on a decentralized platform with a built-in marketplace and a built-in loyalty program that rewards consumers for buying tickets. Currently focusing on the NBA, MLB, and NHL, but also eyeing soccer and other sports.

8 months ago

A digital movie ticketing service being built in the UK with plans to expand internationally in the near future. The company is building a way to sell tickets online that’s simple and instantaneous.

3 months ago

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Ryan Williams, previously co-founded an online ticket co-op and a ticketing software company.

1 month ago

A ticketing system for live events, currently in the UK but planning to expand to other markets.

2 days ago

A digital ticketing platform for live events, selling tickets directly to attendees and making it easier for fans to purchase tickets and manage transactions.

2 years ago

Idea: Unofficial API for ticketing systems

2 years ago

Idea: Helping event organizers make money by adding a “pay what you want” option to their ticketing.

2 years ago

Idea: A machine-learning service that helps companies build products that are customized for their users. The company says it’s built for high-touch, high-volume businesses like ticketing, travel, and e-commerce.