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by @levelsio

Eventually Startup Ideas

11 months ago

Aspiring to be like Amazon, this startup wants to be the Amazon of the $3.5 trillion retail industry. They say they’re currently focused on a core product that will eventually be able to make recommendations for products to customers, and have already signed up a number of retailers.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create an online-only community for teachers, and eventually other professionals.

1 year ago

A startup that helps you learn to code by making you build a simple tool that you eventually turn into a real product. The startup’s co-founder saw a need for the same kind of bootcamps in the area, and created the site to fill it.

1 year ago

A visual way to understand what your network of friends and contacts are doing, which the startup says will eventually include things like board games, sports, and other group activities.

1 year ago

A startup that makes it easy for small businesses to collect payments from their customers. The startup offers free accounts for small businesses and is looking to eventually offer a freemium model.

1 year ago

A startup that provides a custom-branded credit card for businesses. The startup is working with a handful of national merchants and aims to scale eventually.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to grow in the middle east and eventually offer a hub for those looking to find a doctor, dentist, or other healthcare professional in their area.

1 year ago

This startup is working on a new way to manage storage for in-home vaults, which it plans to eventually work with banks and other large financial institutions as well.

1 year ago

A way for teachers to track and analyze student performance, which they hope will eventually become a standard curriculum in schools.

1 year ago

A digital “wallet” for rideshare drivers (that’s UberX, Lyft, etc.) to pay expenses like deductibles, gas and maintenance. The digital wallet eventually will allow drivers to take rides anywhere and pay their expenses without having to have cash on hand.

1 year ago

A software company that aims to make video editing more accessible to the masses with its online editing suite, and eventually create an editing academy to teach people to edit.

1 year ago

A startup trying to make the creation of a new app as simple as asking a friend to help you. The idea is that creative people will be more likely to give their own time free to help others who may need it, and the startup hopes to eventually help with getting new users on their apps.

7 months ago

A health service that allows users to monitor their health and share data, with plans to eventually tie in treatments, lifestyle changes, and other health information.

1 year ago

A coworking space that offers a space to network and work, and the tools to help organize the work that’s done there. It’s designed to be a place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to meet up, work together, and eventually launch their own companies.

8 months ago

An online platform that allows its users to “recover” digital media, including photos, music, and videos. The company aims to build a digital library that it will eventually license to other companies to allow them to use the recovered content.

6 months ago

This startup is building an AI-driven, image-matching tool for marketers. At first, it’d be used to build ad campaigns, but it’d eventually be used to improve content creation and moderation.

10 months ago

A startup that is building an "enterprise-grade" Bitcoin wallet for enterprises. They hope to eventually provide enterprise-ready tools for other blockchains, as well.

3 months ago

A web-based marketplace for the sale of used goods. The startup wants to expand into the US and eventually worldwide.

3 months ago

A platform designed to bring the best local restaurants to your door in cities across the US. The startup charges restaurants a fee for each meal ordered, with the idea that the startup will eventually partner with restaurants at an increased rate of the fee, expanding their reach and the number of meals delivered.

7 months ago

In 2014, Y Combinator’s summer program accepted 14 companies, with four eventually being launched as companies. In 2015, Y Combinator saw 20% more applicants than 2014, with the startups 35% more likely to succeed. In 2016, the number of companies accepted has been set at 14 by Y Combinator.

2 months ago

A startup that takes the hassle out of buying and selling used cars. The startup, which is currently in private beta, wants to expand in the US, UK, and Australia, and then eventually Europe.

2 months ago

A new operating system that’s designed to make it easier for first-time smartphone users to get started. It’s currently focused on creating an intuitive, visual, and simple user interface, with the goal of eventually unifying third-party apps onto the platform.

1 month ago

A platform that can help customers find and book home cleaning services, with a focus on cleaning and other domestic services. The company plans to eventually expand it to help them find other services, like babysitting and pet care.

4 months ago

A machine learning-based chatbot that offers live chat session support and will eventually be able to chat with customers via social media platforms like Facebook.

5 months ago

A digital ledger for e-commerce transactions. The team works on the idea that all of the blockchain apps that have emerged in the last few years will eventually intertwine.

1 year ago

A startup that sells clothes designed by students of fashion schools and helps them get exposure and eventually graduate from design school

1 month ago

This is a platform that allows people to build a custom social network with a wide range of different types of users, like families, groups, or people of a particular interest, like the board game Risk. Eventually there will be a “universal” platform that allows people to build a custom social network, which will be valuable because custom social networks can grow faster.