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by @levelsio

Visibility Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A startup to help companies manage their supply chain, including tracking shipments, managing inventory, and providing real-time visibility into shipments.

3 years ago

A company that makes LED light bulbs that instantly turn on when they detect motion. It wants to make the bulb’s visibility an even more important feature.

3 years ago

A platform that helps big agencies and brands to get the best media deals at scale. The company is now only looking to work with publishers, content creators and agencies. It would give publishers more visibility into advertising deals in order to improve their sales and marketing strategies.

3 years ago

The startup’s goal is to help scuba divers understand the visibility of their masks, how to optimize their gear, and get the best fit for their face and face shape.

3 years ago

A solution for single-source supply chain visibility

2 years ago

The startup is building a tool to help startups get more visibility into their customers. The startup wants to use data to build a “scalable dashboard” that allows small and medium sized businesses to see all their social media data in one place.

3 years ago

This startup is building a platform to help brands get better visibility into their influencer marketing campaigns.

3 years ago

A platform for developing mobile apps that connects clients with developers. They’re not looking to compete with big agencies, but trying to fill a gap between startups and agencies. They’re currently attracting interest from small businesses with a few employees who are looking for a way to get high-level visibility and technical support to manage the complexity of building apps.

3 years ago

A company that helps companies manage their supply chain. The startup helps companies manage their supply chain by providing visibility into where their goods are coming from and how they’re being shipped, and manage their logistics.

2 years ago

This company is building a system to help businesses manage their supply chains. The more companies that use it, the more supply chain visibility the company will be able to offer.

1 month ago

The startup wants to help small businesses, like restaurants, open their own e-commerce website. Using a combination of marketing and technology, they say they can help companies save money on commission and get more visibility to their products.

9 months ago

A startup that helps your business grow by helping it gain visibility through well-branded, easy-to-share content. It aims to make content marketing for small businesses much easier by hosting their content on its platform and making it easy for people to find.

1 year ago

An investment and crowdfunding platform, and a startup that helps tech companies increase their visibility and funding.

4 months ago

A digital platform that helps small businesses manage their supply chain, with a focus on small and medium sized companies. They’re also working on a platform for manufacturers to get more visibility into their supply chain.

1 year ago

A startup that builds software for financial advisors to give them visibility into how their clients are doing.

1 year ago

This startup is building an automated system for maintaining supply chain visibility and track of inventory across multiple parties. The company says they’re trying to “make supply chain as simple as email.”

10 months ago

SaaS for real estate companies to provide “single-source visibility of all their vendors and payments”.

1 year ago

A B2B startup that helps retailers manage their supply chains. It gives retailers visibility into their stores, inventory, and shipping. It’s a way for retailers to get real-time information on their inventory, and for suppliers to get a more accurate picture of their supply chain.

1 year ago

A software developer’s startup is building an online platform that helps developers have greater visibility into their projects. The company’s CEO says it solves the problem of having to constantly check in on progress of each project.

6 months ago

 A SaaS business that helps companies improve their logistics by giving them real-time visibility into shipping and shipping costs.

11 months ago

A platform for e-commerce companies to manage their inventory and orders, providing full visibility on supply.

9 months ago

A startup that helps enterprise IT teams speed up their processes, automate dull tasks, and gain greater visibility into their infrastructure.

2 months ago

Pionyr is building a cloud-based service for executives working on projects. It aims to give them visibility and accountability for their projects.

3 years ago

Idea: This startup is building a platform to help people who are looking for work, and encourage employers to post jobs and give them extra visibility