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by @levelsio

Approved Startup Ideas

1 year ago

This is a tool that helps companies create and manage a government-approved and regulated compliant digital wallet for their consumers.

2 years ago

A tool for scheduling meetings with those who have been approved as a relevant contact

3 years ago

A tool for banks to vet potential borrowers based on their credit score, then offer guidance to help them get approved. “If you have a credit score, we can fix your credit score.”

3 years ago

An electronic cigarette company that makes and sells 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free e-liquids. The company is working with the FDA to get its products approved, and is already selling $1 million in products.

1 year ago

A blockchain-based platform to help businesses move inventory and avoid fraud. The company has built a system to track and oversee sales of products on Amazon marketplace, which are then paid and approved by the blockchain.

1 year ago

A startup that vets credit card applications by customers before they’re approved. The startup says it’s saved its customers a few million dollars in potential fraud.

3 years ago

A platform for independent contractors to build apps and have them approved by investors. The startup wants to help the more than 5 million independent contractors in the US get funding.

3 years ago

A device that connects to an existing spectrometer for blood analysis. The device is ready to be used in clinical trials, and has already been approved by the FDA.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create a social messaging tool that integrates with Facebook. The business is built around answering questions with a dropdown menu of pre-approved answers.

2 years ago

 A B2B company that helps entrepreneurs know what it takes to get their software products approved for use in the market.

2 years ago

This startup is developing the first FDA-approved small animal pain drug.

2 years ago

A tool for web developers to build custom fonts, cutting down on the time it takes to get a font approved for use on a website.

2 years ago

This startup is building a tool for companies to manage user permissions in their app by creating a “whitelist” of applications that can be approved for access, and a “blacklist” of apps that can’t be approved.

8 months ago

This startup wants to be an alternative to the SEC. It wants to be a way to invest in private companies with SEC-approved funds.

1 year ago

This is a tool for offering credit to vendors in the US, mostly for consumers but also for businesses and retailers. The startup’s platform allows users to set up repayment plans, pay on their terms, and get approved.

1 year ago

A credit-scoring tool for small businesses or individuals, helping them get pre-approved for loans and loans from banks.

1 year ago

A medical device that can detect breast cancer, in a more affordable and less invasive way than current tools. It’s not FDA approved yet, but the founders say they have been talking to a number of medical companies that have expressed interest.

1 year ago

A payment app for the UK that lets customers pay their pre-approved utility bills without a bank account.

1 year ago

A company that helps developers get their apps into the Apple App Store. The startup is a marketplace for “apps that are too specific or too niche to go through the regular process” and helps developers get their app approved in about 10 days.

1 year ago

The startup manages the process of getting gigs in order to get them approved.

11 months ago

A startup that sells products to help people sleep better, with a focus on reducing snoring. The founder told me they have no plans to make a medical device, with the product only being approved by FDA.

1 year ago

A company that makes the process of hiring remote contractors easier. The startup allows contractors to fill out a background check and get a credit check with their credit card, which they use to submit a request to work with a company of their choice. The startup takes a small percentage of the base payment and a percentage of the base payment as a fee whenever the request is approved.

10 months ago

The startup wants to make the process of applying for a loan and getting approved as quick and easy as sending an email.

9 months ago

A credit card for students, who often have a hard time getting approved for a credit card. It includes a special student-friendly credit card account, with a lower interest rate.

10 months ago

A community website for people who live in apartments and are interested in buying their own home, with an app that helps potential homebuyers get pre-approved for a mortgage.

9 months ago

This startup aims to help companies with the complex task of getting their products or services approved for work visas.

4 months ago

A credit company that helps people buy home and car insurance with pre-approved rates.

10 days ago

A custom credit card for people who can’t get approved for one from a bank. Available through partnerships with banks and card issuers.

2 months ago

A startup that’s developing a way to make it cheaper and easier to communicate with the US government: an online portal to fill out forms, and have them approved and digitally signed by an official. The startup will eventually offer the service to the general public.

3 years ago

Idea: A platform where employees can request expenses and get approved by the team