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by @levelsio

Either Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A hospitality company that provides standardized guest rooms in a hotel, either customized to the needs of a customer or a group of customers.

2 years ago

 A tool to help you do a better job of selling. You can either search for people to sell to, or build a list of your own contacts. The company charges $3 per lead, $10 per contact, and $10 per sale.

2 years ago

The app makes it possible to do your workouts at your own pace, either on their app or their website.

2 years ago

A platform for managing and building websites, using either HTML or CSS. They work with clients to build out the theme, menu, and navigation, and they then deploy it to the client.

2 years ago

The following companies are either currently bootstrapped or plan to bootstrap in the next year.

2 years ago

A company that will help you “re-purpose your technology,” where you can take old tech and either sell it to someone else, or build something new out of it.

2 years ago

People use the app to share their taste in music, movies, and other media. This is done in the form of collaborative playlists, which allow users to contribute music or art to a playlist, either anonymously or by providing a title and a description.

1 year ago

A tool for managing the data on a small to medium sized business. It’s a white label product that is available to be customized by either a third party or a business owner.

1 year ago

A set of tools for businesses to manage their online reputation. Reputation.com was a well-known startup that has been acquired by a large corporation, and is either relaunching as a separate company or being absorbed into that.

1 year ago

 A photo app for capturing and sharing memories that includes a suite of features like either a video or still image capture, an audio track, and even a filter that lets you add music.

1 year ago

 The coworking space is part of a larger effort to help women get into technology, either by connecting them to mentors or allowing them to work at an office without the need for a co-founder.

1 year ago

This startup is building an app that helps people save money, either by pairing them with institutional investors or automated investing services.

11 months ago

This startup is building a platform that makes it easier for restaurants to manage staff schedules, getting them up-to-date with their shifts and either reducing the number of wasted hours between shifts or giving employees more hours.

11 months ago

A platform for “micro-farmers” to sell crops in bulk, either in person or online.

12 days ago

There are a lot of options for managing your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, but most are either paid or expensive. The startup aims to be the first in that space.

1 month ago

Startups can either use a SaaS service or build their own website, but the latter typically takes longer and costs more. The company makes it easy for startups to deploy a fully-functional website within 48 hours for $1,000

5 months ago

A platform that allows a business to rent space in their storefront for shoppers to use to do their own shopping. This is done either by the business itself or by a third party that acts as an agent.

5 months ago

This company is trying to make it easier for people to get a loan (either short-term or long term) at a lower interest rate.

4 months ago

People who have trouble remembering passwords have a hard time finding them, either because they’re buried in a cluttered desktop or because they’ve been changed by a hacker. Passwords is a new service that aims to make passwords easier to find by condensing and organizing them into one account.

9 months ago

The startup helps businesses find and vet contractors, either with a mobile app or through an online portal.

7 months ago

The startup aims to replace the outdated process of manually sending invoices to clients with an automated process that allows clients to request more information to either pay or dispute an invoice.

1 month ago

An online marketplace that allows users to auction off their unused stuff on the platform, either as a one-time donation or a recurring monthly subscription.

8 months ago

A company that provides a way for small businesses to run their business from anywhere — either from the cloud or from a web app

8 months ago

A hosting service for companies that want to use their own servers for infrastructure. The host can either set up their own servers and manage them, or hook into the infrastructure of a shared hosting provider.

5 months ago

The startup is built around an ad-hoc infrastructure for sharing small jobs (up to $100) between companies. Previously, small businesses have to either go through the pain of setting up their own internal app or use their own separate contractor management platform (like TaskRabbit). The startup uses its API to help companies manage their workforces, with a platform that allows for bid and project management.

2 months ago

BillionGraves is an online resource where you can look up the names of people in all sorts of records, and either view the images of their tombstones or read their obituaries.

2 years ago

Idea: A platform that helps people start a business and access funding (either from investors or through a loan program)