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by @levelsio

Ahead Startup Ideas

3 years ago

A B2B company that provides software solutions to restaurants and bars wherein you can order ahead by text, email, and phone.

1 year ago

The first NFC app to let users order food directly on their phones, in advance, and pay using just a tap. It’s currently being used in Paris to order ahead at restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

1 month ago

 A LBS product meant to help blind people navigate the world, and has more than 50,000 users. It’s a smartphone app that uses audio changes of traffic sounds to detect obstacles ahead and helps guide users to their destination.

2 years ago

In the world of artificial intelligence, there’s always one who’s ahead of the curve.

2 years ago

A startup that allows people to schedule or “book” housing for future events. The startup lets users find available apartments, book them, and pay for them ahead of time.

2 years ago

A startup that helps bars, restaurants, and retailers engage customers with digital menus and order-ahead functionality. It’s currently running pilots in Chicago and New York.

2 years ago

Everyone is doing it: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, then you have Home Depot and Lowe’s. But Meijer, a Midwest-based retailer that operates grocery stores and a number of other retail chains. Meijer is looking to use the e-commerce trend to stay ahead of its rivals and has begun selling products that haven’t been available in stores in the past, like wine and cheese.

1 year ago

A company that helps companies buy insurance ahead of a disaster by getting quotes from multiple providers.

2 years ago

A chat app that lets you order food at home and pay ahead of time. The startup has already worked with two restaurants in New York City to demonstrate the concept.

2 years ago

Builds a tool that helps restaurants and bartenders implement a simple order-ahead system.

2 years ago

In December 2018, a short video was released on the startup’s Twitter feed in which co-founder Isaac Lee described the company’s culture as “our culture is that we’re always going to be one step ahead of you.”

1 year ago

One that provides an AI-powered tool to help companies identify and hire the best candidates. The startup’s tool allows recruiters to identify top talent from a shortlist of candidates, and then helps manage their recruiting process. There are no guarantees of success in the recruiting landscape, and a startup like this is a way for recruiters to get ahead.

1 year ago

A company that aims to help people and companies plan sales and sales presentations online. They're currently working on a product for sales managers who want to be more strategic about sales by designing sales presentations ahead of time.

1 year ago

A mobile app that allows you to connect your accounts, save and manage your spending, and make plans on how to get ahead in 2019.

1 year ago

A B2B company that is building a system to manage the progress of service calls — it uses AI to predict when a service call will be needed so providers (like plumbers) can plan ahead.

2 years ago

A catered meal delivery service for those who work odd hours or don’t like cooking. You can order ahead and even set up a schedule to be meal-ready as soon as you arrive at work.

9 months ago

A US-based startup that helps students get the best deals on laptops and tablets to help them get ahead in their education

6 months ago

A startup that helps students in India manage their finances, including paying their school fees, pay their parents back, and plan ahead for their next education.

10 months ago

A “pay as you go” payment system for people with no credit history, to help them get ahead in their lives by buying goods and services on credit.

1 year ago

 Providing an order-ahead app for major retailers.

1 year ago

This startup is “making it so that you can get a cup of coffee with a tip on the app” by using the app to order coffee, order ahead, and tip.

1 year ago

A startup that helps people who have difficulty losing weight by giving them a recipe and a shopping list to make all of their meals ahead of time. People can choose which recipes to follow, and all the ingredients and their costs are included.

9 months ago

It’s a spreadsheet for connecting to your friends’ location data, allowing you to see where they are and plan your day ahead.

4 months ago


2 months ago

A mobile app that allows you to order and pay ahead for groceries at your favorite neighborhood store.

3 months ago

A “digital assistant” for retail customers. The startup offers a service that allows customers to order ahead of time via a mobile app.

18 days ago

“A personal assistant for kids,” as the founders put it. The app is meant to be fun but also offer a lot of value, like helping kids keep track of what’s happening in their lives and plan ahead.