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by @levelsio

Philadelphia Startup Ideas

1 year ago

“Best of Philly” Awards by the Philadelphia City Paper:

1 year ago

In October 2014, The Wall Street Journal ranked the Philadelphia area as the top city in America for startups.

1 year ago

Philadelphia is home to many notable media companies, including:

1 year ago

A startup that uses artificial intelligence to predict where companies will be in three years. They’re based in Philadelphia but working with clients around the world.

1 year ago

The list is not all-inclusive, but we've tried to include a representative sample of the many companies, startups, and other organizations in the Philadelphia tech scene.

1 year ago

A web-based service that helps small businesses grow their sales by managing their social media, SEO, and marketing campaigns. The company currently has 1,000 clients and are now hiring in the Philadelphia area.

1 year ago

A tool that helps developers create better apps by reducing the need to log into a bunch of different sites and apps to track their users. The startup is currently building out a product to help the Philadelphia Eagles build a better fan app.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to replace the need for cashiers at your local grocery store. It’s a kiosk with a full-sized grocery store inside, with plans to expand to more locations in the future. They’re currently in beta in Philadelphia.

1 year ago

The startup provides software, training and data to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The company’s software, which is built on the premise that “it’s not about the number of times you go to the gym, it’s about how much you get done when you go”, has won the Best Startup Award at the Philadelphia Startup Weekend.

1 year ago

This startup offers business meetings in a virtual conference room, without the hassle of meeting in person. The company is based in Philadelphia but has users in more than 30 cities.

1 year ago

A fintech startup in the Philadelphia area that has a platform that lets users compare loans to see the best deal

11 months ago

In the 2017 Philadelphia Startup Week, 10 companies were featured.

1 year ago

A startup for bands to put out their music for sale without the hassle of a label. The company is based out of Philadelphia, and is backed by the founders of the label of the same name.

1 year ago

The Startup Grind Philly Meetup is a group of local entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup enthusiasts who regularly gather to talk about entrepreneurship, funding, and startups in Philadelphia. The event is organized by a variety of organizations including the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, The Foundry and the Philadelphia Technology Alliance.

10 months ago

A company that helps teachers get better at teaching. The startup is currently in a pilot with a few hundred teachers in Philadelphia and New York City, and has been in Y Combinator since November. It aims to take out the headache of grading papers and lesson plans.

10 months ago

Pivot is a social network for women entrepreneurs. It started in 2016 as a blog that features women in the Philadelphia area, but has since grown to include a community of over 600,000 women.

7 months ago

Viable is a health insurance company that provides a 10th of the cost of other plans but covers primary care and urgent care. It’s currently profitable and the product is available in the Philadelphia area.

10 months ago

Philadelphia has a long history of technological innovation in the medical and engineering fields.

6 months ago

This startup wants to remove complexity from the process of booking flights by connecting airlines directly to hotels. The startup currently has a pilot with 10 hotels in Philadelphia, and plans for expansion to the whole of the US by the end of 2019.

2 months ago

A startup that helps build more affordable, modular homes in places that have historically been difficult to build. The company has built affordable housing as part of the Green City Solutions program in Philadelphia.

19 days ago

In the past year, the startup has funded a bunch of startups, including the one above, and has been the largest VC in Philadelphia since coming to the city in 2014.

1 month ago

coupons for consumers to receive discounts on services, products, and more. The startup is based in Philadelphia.

1 year ago

Idea: A startup that connects coaches and athletes, giving athletes a way to contact coaches and coaches a way to get paid for their advice. They’re currently working with a number of teams in the Philadelphia area, including the Philadelphia 76ers.