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by @levelsio

Barcode Startup Ideas

1 year ago

Pexels is a stock photo platform that allows users to scan a barcode and add it to their library of photos. The startup has over 90 million photos in its database and is growing fast.

2 years ago

A universal barcode reader for all industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The startup wants to develop a barcode reader that can read the same barcode across all industries.

2 years ago

A startup that lets you scan a barcode and get a quote for repairs on your iPhone or watch in the UK.

3 years ago

A startup that would bring barcodes to the speed of the internet, allowing people to search for an item’s barcode and purchase it from an online retailer

3 years ago

A company that uses a patented optical-recognition technology to read barcodes and replace QR codes.

3 years ago

A mobile app that allows consumers to pay bills by scanning QR codes or barcodes.

3 years ago

A mobile app that lets people monitor the cost of their medications by scanning their barcode or entering the pharmacy’s name.

3 years ago

This app lets users shop at top retailers with their phone camera. The app allows you to scan a barcode and then shop on the same day. The app works with 25 major retailers like Sephora, Amazon, and Bloomingdale's to manage loyalty and reward programs.

3 years ago

A way to quickly create barcodes for products, allowing them to be printed and scanned.

3 years ago

A way for consumers to sell their old electronics and get paid for it, using an app that makes it easy for the buyer to scan barcodes.

3 years ago

A crowdfunding platform for groceries, with a twist. The startup has built a technology that allows customers to scan the barcode of a product and order it for pickup at a grocery store, then pay via the platform.

2 years ago

CaseReev is a mobile checkout company that allows users to scan the barcodes of items in stores and pay with their mobile phones. The startup raised $1.1 million last year

2 years ago

A company that claims to make the barcode into a more useful tool, making it possible to track things like copies, subscriptions, and more.

2 years ago

A startup that wants to use image recognition to turn any object (including food) into a barcode.

2 years ago

A startup that is working to build the world’s first augmented reality grocery store. The idea is to create a way for users to scan a barcode to get an augmented reality display of what a product looks like in a store, before they’ve even left the house, with a camera view of what a product looks like at their homes.

3 months ago

A startup that is building software to allow anyone to scan a barcode, tap a button and have a ride to the airport, hotel, or train station.

2 years ago

Replaces the barcode with a digital tag that contains all the necessary info in an easy-to-scan format.

2 years ago

A company building a lot of tags for IoT devices, including temperature sensors, temperature probes, humidity probes, GPS tags, NFC tags, RFID tags, and barcode and QR code tags.

2 years ago

A way to let people buy gifts for each other with their phones. The startup is building an app that allows you to scan barcodes of items on the internet, then share them with friends to purchase for them with a few taps.

1 year ago

A tool for customers to pay for products and services on their phones, with built-in barcode scanning. Today the company has over 400,000 users and has seen similar traction to Square, though older.

9 months ago

A San Francisco-based startup that aims to make it easier to use the camera on your phone to read the QR code and scan the barcode of a product at the store. You can scan a product, then see the item’s ingredients, price, or reviews.

8 months ago

Creates barcode-scanning technology to help businesses keep track of inventory.

8 months ago

A platform that allows you to order your groceries by scanning a barcode, then seeing what you need delivered to you via Uber.

2 years ago

A tool for managing your business’s mobile strategy, whether that’s using your phone to order food, barcode scanning inventory and tracking sales, or conducting business from your phone.

2 years ago

An online platform that allows you to create and upload barcodes for products. The startup charges customers a small monthly fee for each barcode it generates for them.

1 year ago

The startup is building a mobile app that lets you scan barcodes from your phone and get a summary of products in your local grocery store. The company set up a system to scan the barcodes of over 200 grocery store chains in the U.S.

9 months ago

The company is building a way for brands to have barcodes on their products that consumers can scan to see which product is the best match for their tastes.

4 months ago

 A web app that lets you scan barcodes with your phone and see what’s in your fridge. The startup is also building an app that does the same thing but for your pantry.

3 years ago

Idea: A B2B startup that provides a tool for logistics companies to sync their backend systems like their ERP and supply chain management, and make their shipments more readable (for example, by adding barcodes)

3 months ago

A startup that allows users to scan barcodes and receive updates on the products they're interested in, all from their phone.

6 months ago

A mobile payments app that allows users to pay using iPad cameras. A company based in Seattle, the app allows users to snap a photo of a barcode with their phone, and pay with the app.

5 months ago

This is a subscription service that sends their users a barcode for every product they purchase, which they scan at the checkout to get discounts on that product. They claim their model has the potential to save shoppers up to $1,000 a year.

2 months ago

A company that designs and builds tools for bio-security, including the ability to scan barcodes to track food and pharmaceutical products.

1 month ago

A way to send money without fees. The startup began as a project from Spark, a YC startup that was acquired by PayPal, and then spun off of PayPal. The startup uses a mobile device to scan an item’s barcode, compare it against a list of unique codes, and automatically send money.

1 month ago

A company that allows retailers to scan a product barcode, identify its product category and find its exact SKU, as well as get information on the product’s shelf life, price, and location.

1 month ago

Lets you save money on groceries by having the retailer scan the barcode of an item and automatically calculate the lowest-price option for you.

1 month ago

A company that aims to help industrial companies track inventories and shipments via a free app that lets customers scan a barcode to get a full picture of their inventory and shipments.

17 days ago

This startup is working on a new RFID-based solution for barcodes, which they claim is more natural for humans to read. The startup hopes to prove that it can be more efficient than other barcode solutions.

27 days ago

A clerk at an Amazon fulfillment center is building a product called “mason” that lets you order groceries from your phone by scanning the barcodes on items and automatically placing the order.

4 days ago

A startup that helps make grocery shopping easier by allowing users to scan or photograph barcodes to buy groceries for delivery.

3 years ago

Idea: A startup that is building a cloud-based service for selling collectibles. It allows users to upload images and details about the item, and generate a barcode. It’s free for sellers, and takes a flat 3.5% of sales.