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by @levelsio

Carbon Startup Ideas

1 year ago

In addition to making new sodas, this startup is looking to take on the soda industry as a whole by introducing healthier alternatives to soda, such as carbonated teas and fruit-flavored water.

1 year ago

A tool that helps companies in the green economy get a better understanding of their carbon footprint.

1 year ago

Starting as a maker of carbonated drinks with the tagline “For those who don’t have air,” this startup is building a new kind of Citrus Cloud, which will use the sun as a source of carbon dioxide to allow plants to grow in areas without electricity.

1 year ago

A smart home monitoring system that can send alerts about smoke and carbon monoxide leaks in a home.

1 year ago

This is a tool for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is focused on helping companies reduce their energy consumption, and plans to launch a product that does this by helping them track energy usage and then offset the usage with cash.

1 year ago

A company that makes biodegradable water bottles. The startup wants to build a business around breaking a water bottle back down into its water-carbon components.

1 year ago

The startup aims to make complicated environmental accounting and reporting for companies easier, with a platform that helps companies track their carbon footprint, water use, and other environmental data. It’s currently testing with a few companies in the energy and manufacturing verticals.

1 year ago

A wearable device that uses a sensor to measure how much CO2 each person is emitting. The startup is looking to reinvent the carbon footprint game by working with employers to offer discounts to employees who can reduce their emissions.

1 year ago

Dedicated to helping tech companies build more sustainable products, it’s a platform for tracking products’ carbon emissions and life cycle, and helping companies figure out what to do to reduce them.

1 year ago

A startup developing a new type of LED lamp that uses less power, lasts longer and has a smaller carbon footprint.

3 months ago

A cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions.

7 months ago

A platform that helps organizations to lower their energy costs, while also lowering their carbon footprint.

9 months ago

A company that wants to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by using solar power for their offices. The startup has raised $20 million in funding.

8 months ago

A company that provides software to help retailers and manufacturers save energy and money, especially in the new era of low-carbon regulations.

7 months ago

Computes a person’s carbon footprint, and shows how to reduce it through a series of actions. The company wants to enable people to see what they’re doing to benefit the planet and how they can do more.

9 months ago

A company that sells carbon credits to investors and helps them invest in clean energy and facilities. The startup was founded in 2016 and has raised $1.3M.

2 months ago

This company wants to build a platform where every household can be equipped with a low-cost device that can detect imminent threats like fires and carbon monoxide.

3 months ago

This startup is building a consumer-facing tool that helps people track their carbon footprint and make their own personal plan to reduce their impact.

7 months ago

A chatbot designed to answer all of your questions about how to reduce your carbon footprint, which they want to do by partnering with your utility company.

5 months ago

This startup is developing a way for cities to capture carbon emissions from buildings, so that buildings can be retrofitted to reduce them.

2 months ago

A company that develops software that lets people track their carbon footprint and offset it with payments made according to the size of their emissions.

6 months ago

Another company that tracks and offsets a person’s carbon footprint by helping them track their daily activities, and then offsets those carbon emissions with payments to offset both the person’s carbon footprint and their daily activities.

1 month ago

A mobile app for people who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The company is building a tool for people to track their carbon footprints and reduce the impact they have on the environment.

14 days ago

A tool to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and work with them to reduce it further. The company says it’s a “carbon reduction platform”, with a free version, a basic version, and a premium version.

5 days ago

A $1-per-month app that helps users track their carbon footprint. Love.co is focused on helping users understand the environmental impacts of their daily habits, such as their food purchases, travel choices, and their energy usage.

1 day ago

A company that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of cities by using drones to deliver people small packages of fruit and vegetables.