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by @levelsio

Needing Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A credit score for websites, allowing users to get information on their creditworthiness without needing to apply for credit.

1 year ago

This startup is building an online platform that gives sellers a way to sell their wares without needing to handle payment processing or risk taking customer service.

1 year ago

A decentralized protocol for messaging apps, enabling users to chat with each other without needing to install a new app.

1 year ago

The idea behind this open source tool is to allow people to get their hands on a data set and work on it without needing to license it.

1 year ago

A new kind of payment system that allows taxi owners to compete with Uber and Lyft. Instead of needing to call a dispatcher, riders can hail a cab in real-time and pay directly through the app.

1 year ago

A software-as-a-service tool for businesses to create and manage their own marketing campaigns without needing to know the intricacies of running a digital marketing agency.

1 year ago

A startup that helps users connect to a vendor without needing to know them personally.

1 year ago

A company that helps people who want to be independent living at home avoid the costs associated with needing an in-home caregiver.

1 year ago

A digital platform for retailers to sell products without needing to collect payments.

2 months ago

A “self-serve” platform that enables developers to build out their own bitmap font, so they can quickly build out a new font without needing to hire a designer.

1 year ago

A way to create a spreadsheet that’s machine-readable. The startup is building a way to read spreadsheets without needing to know the syntax of formulas.

10 months ago

A SaaS solution for companies needing to hire contractors such as freelancers or consultants. It allows companies to post jobs, hire freelancers, and manage them all online.

1 year ago

A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their code without ever needing to leave Slack. The company has already raised $3 million in funding.

1 year ago

This is an online video platform for people who want to produce content without needing to learn how to edit video. The app helps users create video with professional-level effects and edits, and allows users to share their videos on social media.

11 months ago

One of the winners of the YC Engineer Day, providing a service to help companies automate their user onboarding process, making it easier for them to onboard users without needing to manually create a signup flow.

5 months ago

A simple solution for localizing your website. Localize is an easy way to translate content into multiple languages without needing a developer.

10 months ago

A company that helps developers build games on blockchain, including a set of tools that let them build games without needing to deal with cryptography.

10 months ago

A platform for businesses to pay their employees in the U.S. without needing to pay payroll. PayrollNow will work with employers to set up payroll through the app, and then charge a 1% fee on all payouts.

9 months ago

A company that allows data scientists to work on big data problems without needing to learn programming

10 months ago

A social app (currently only in the UK) that helps people share their experience of using a service at a “near restaurant”. The startup aims to help people find restaurants they like, without needing to physically go there.

2 months ago

An SMS-based platform for sending and receiving money, with a focus on small transactions and users in emerging markets. Their idea is to allow people to transact across the street or across the country without going through a bank and without needing a bank account.

7 months ago

A startup that specializes in HR software for startups, focusing on self-service. The company wants to help people make their HR software work for them, making it easier for startups to get things done without needing to pay for HR services.

9 months ago

A startup that wants to “take the pain out of hiring” by allowing companies to screen candidates without them needing to travel to the company. They’re currently in a private beta with a few clients.

2 months ago

A startup that wants to make it easier to use the Amazon Echo and Alexa. They’re building a hub that allows users to control their lights, thermostat, pool pump and more with voice commands, without needing to install separate hardware.

8 months ago

This is a crowdsourced platform for finding freelance labor or labor-for-hire, connecting companies needing work done with individuals who are looking for work.

4 months ago

A prepaid debit card that also acts as a bank account, so you can buy things without needing a credit card.

6 months ago

A startup that aims to make it easy to share a meal without needing to learn how to cook or give a recipe. It’s a bit like Grubhub, but for the home.

1 month ago

A platform that connects investors to startups needing capital. The startup wants to make it easier for investors to invest in startups by taking the legwork out of the process.

1 year ago

Idea: A tool that helps you send emails to your users without needing to manage a list. The company says its software can send emails to millions of users without having to manage a list of them.

25 days ago

This startup is building a platform for people who are interested in becoming independent contractors, and for their customers, who like the idea of having a personal assistant without needing to hire one, or without even having to leave the house.

1 year ago

Idea: A tool that allows anyone to learn how to code from scratch without needing to pay for a class It’s pitched as a way to help people not only learn how to code, but build a portfolio of projects to show off to potential employers