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by @levelsio

Searchable Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A company that makes a comprehensive, searchable database of the world’s universities.

2 years ago

The company wants to make negotiating harder than it already is by providing a simple, searchable interface for employees to search the market for best deals on everything from Amazon Prime subscriptions to a new suit.

3 years ago

A company trying to bring together auto repair information from different sources into a single, searchable place.

3 years ago

A digital, searchable file of your medical records to make it easier for you to access information and keep all your records up to date.

3 years ago

A SaaS platform that helps companies manage their expense reports. It starts with a monthly subscription and then allows the user to create expense reports that are editable and searchable, with the option to export.

3 years ago

This startup is building a messaging app that’s encrypted and searchable by insiders only.

1 year ago

A database of all the companies in the EU, fully searchable and with a public API.

2 years ago

A Google-designed browser that makes everything on the web searchable.

9 months ago

 It’s a tool for tracking the life of a pet. This startup is trying to create a searchable catalog of some pet’s life story, including vet appointments, photos and videos.

10 months ago

Building a digital service that supports local community centers and government agencies to create and share printable, searchable digital maps.

2 years ago

A project management and time tracking app that allows users to track time from multiple devices, while also converting time tracking data into a single, searchable spreadsheet.

1 year ago

A company that builds software that lets companies make online stores that are searchable and have a shopping cart

2 years ago

A startup that helps users organize photos in a way that makes them easier to find and more searchable.

1 year ago

A startup looking to automate the process of scanning and converting hundreds of thousands of documents into a searchable database for the legal industry. The company hopes to be the go-to resource for legal teams, with their proprietary technology that allows for text-searching and intelligent summarizing.

1 year ago

A company that helps you organize your books, documents, and other media into an easy, searchable library.

11 months ago

A searchable database of U.S. employers with benefits, and a way for people to filter and search for employers by benefit.

9 months ago

A tool for converting spreadsheets into easily searchable tables.

2 years ago

A company that helps doctors handle the immense volume of patient data to improve patient care and lower costs. It’s first product is a “data lake” that aggregates patient records and makes them searchable.

2 years ago

A 3D app that allows users to scan and digitize old books, turning them into searchable, accessible PDFs.

2 years ago

A platform that allows users to see how much they are being charged for cable, phone, and Internet service. The startup plans to build a cable TV-like platform, including a searchable database of prices, but built with a startup budget.

1 year ago

A way to help HR departments put their job postings into a searchable database. The company has multiple contracts with employers, and is focusing on shift workers in the US.

1 year ago

A next-generation digital library that integrates content from public and private sources into a single searchable interface.

1 year ago

A startup that helps people organize their online data in an easy, searchable manner. Available for both desktop and mobile.

9 months ago

A tool that helps users apply their own keyword filters to any pre-existing website and organize their content into spreadsheets to make them more searchable. Just as Google can find your search history and make predictions about what you’re looking for, the tool analyzes your website and makes predictive suggestions.

1 year ago

A B2B company that’s building a platform to help companies identify and manage the best people and content for different jobs in different industries. They work with recruiters and hiring managers to comb through hundreds of candidates and their portfolios and create a single searchable database of the best candidates possible, then present those candidates to companies in real-time as they fill open positions.

1 year ago

A web-based marketing platform that helps companies take a customer’s digital presence, like email, and make it searchable, ranking it as high as possible.

1 year ago

The idea is to make all of the data collected by a hospital’s nurses and doctors, regardless of the specific instrument or technology used, searchable by nurses and doctors for the purpose of better patient care.

1 year ago

An easier, more cost effective way to manage family health records, which are usually stored in a single place and difficult to find. HealthMap is building a searchable database that allows you to look up information about family members who have certain conditions.

1 year ago

A startup that lets users create and manage virtual “second lives” for their photos, allowing users to upload and stream their photos to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks as well as searchable online databases.

1 year ago

The company is a free software project that helps people maintain their health by giving them access to a large, searchable database of medical information. It was started around a decade ago as a personal health web site, but has since evolved into a global health information platform.

6 months ago

A startup that wants to create a database for all of the books in the world, and make them all easily searchable and available online. By the time the startup succeeds, the founders say that there will be 12 million books available online.

2 months ago

A free and open-source tool that helps users organize their digital collections. This tool helps you find, organize, and review the content in your library, while also providing you with a searchable database.

3 years ago

Idea: Automated, searchable, and shareable medical records