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by @levelsio

Nearly Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A digital bank account for the Philippines. The startup is currently in pre-launch, and has nearly 200,000 members.

2 years ago

A customer service platform for large-scale customers. The company says it has nearly 100 customers (many of them in the Fortune 500) that use its platform.

2 years ago

A SaaS-based email marketing tool with an emphasis on design. The startup’s founders have raised nearly $500,000 in seed funding, including from Y Combinator, and have been named as YC’s top-ranked summer 2019 company.

1 year ago

A toolset that helps organizations manage their business continuity and disaster recovery. The startup has raised nearly $2 million in investor money, and is run by former CIO of IBM's Digital Solutions group.

1 year ago

A set of tools that help people raise money from friends and family to finance their businesses. The startup's founders once raised nearly $600,000 from friends and family in just 48 hours.

1 year ago

A private social network for women in Saudi Arabia, where women are nearly banned from working or even being on the internet.

1 year ago

A startup that enables organizations to get their peer groups to review each other’s work. Currently supporting nearly 2,000 groups of over 25,000 members.

1 year ago

A SaaS that serves as a “commercial intranet” for companies, developed by a former Microsoft executive. The company says it has nearly 1,000 customers and has raised $30 million in funding.

1 year ago

A digital platform that helps companies recruit and hire employees in remote areas, powered by artificial intelligence. The company has brought on nearly 1,000 employees in remote areas, and is now focused on the US.

1 year ago

A platform for workers to get paid residual income for their work, with investment options that pay out nearly immediately.

2 months ago

As it stands, nearly every startup has a website or a blog. This tool allows you to create a website or a blog for your company, product or idea. A tool to help you create a website, blog or app.

1 year ago

The doc app is meant to work with any electronic health records system. It’s built on the idea of user-friendly dashboards, so users can see all of the data that’s relevant, in one place. HealthBlitz is currently working with the Mayo Clinic to build out a prototype. HealthBlitz says that it’s already working with nearly 3,000 healthcare providers.

1 year ago

A company that makes a nearly-unbreakable, bendable charging cable. The company says they’ve seen their cables get dropped, stepped on, and run over multiple times by cars and trucks and they’ve never snapped or even bent.

1 year ago

A tool that allows employees to track and collaborate on projects. The company says the average person wastes nearly an hour each day on email, so it’s designed to help people get more done.

10 months ago

A business that sells high-quality, nearly-new equipment in bulk to retailers across the US.

6 months ago

A startup that helps companies manage the large amounts of data they’re generating. The startup has a suite of nearly 50 different tools, including a custom data monitoring and management platform, an API, and a mobile app that helps manage data.

1 month ago

A fintech startup that wants to help people manage their debt by offering a debit card and an app that covers nearly all credit card spending.

11 months ago

Since its founding in 2011, this nonprofit has built a library of online resources and tools for the disadvantaged, including an online database of nearly 100,000 student aid resources.

5 months ago

A startup that’s building a decentralized system for digital advertising, which they say is able to reach nearly a billion users without paying any fees.

3 months ago

A chatbot for people who have been recently released from prison. The startup’s founders say that over 25% of the US prison population is in prison for drug-related offenses, and that nearly 70% of those incarcerated are people of color.

6 months ago

Data from nearly 200 million credit cards and 15,000 retailers show that B2B companies often pay more than twice as much as they should for basic services. The startup is building a tool to make it easier for companies to negotiate better terms with providers.

3 months ago

A civil engineering startup that aims to help demolish buildings and then build the foundations for new ones, in a single process. The company currently has nearly 30 customers in Europe and Asia.

5 months ago

This startup is building software to help companies sell their unused (and often untendered) real estate. The startup claims to have negotiated nearly $50M in deals in the past three years.

3 months ago

a tool to help companies find and hire remote workers. The company is still in stealth mode and “nearly ready to launch”.

18 days ago

A company that aims to help small businesses succeed in the digital economy. With a database of nearly 11,000 products and 25,000 SKUs, it’s another simple product that’s making a big impact.