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by @levelsio

Recruitment Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A tool for developers to create recruitment ads

2 years ago

A startuplicant tracking platform for online job applications. The startup wants to scale to support large recruitment events like the YC Demo Day.

2 years ago

In-person job recruitment turned into a crowdsourced game.

2 years ago

A product that helps transport companies find and hire drivers, with a focus on the U.S. trucking market. The startup is marketed towards companies that already use a third-party recruitment or “driver matching” service.

2 years ago

A startup that helps companies with their HR technology, from recruitment to onboarding to payroll.

2 years ago

A chat-based recruitment platform for recruiters that allows them to manage and publish their job boards, and manage the conversations that take place on them.

1 year ago

A tool for talent acquisition, actively seeking to disrupt the $1.25 billion recruitment industry.

10 months ago

A company that helps make recruitment easier for event planners

1 year ago

A solution for employers to manage the recruitment of and onboarding of employees.

1 year ago

A startup that builds a machine learning platform to help companies recruit workers in order to help them get through their recruitment process faster.

2 years ago

An automation platform for recruitment technology products.

2 years ago

This is a recruitment tool that centralizes applicant data. The startup makes it easy to manage applicants, including uploading resumes, tracking dates and scheduling interviews, and then acting on the results.

2 years ago

A startup that helps employers and HR departments manage the hiring process and recruitment. They’ve raised $1.2 million to date, and their 10-person team has already signed on to work with 500 startups.

1 year ago

A student org that helps startups with recruitment

5 months ago

A startup that helps with recruitment. Founders have a hard time finding good developers to hire and have had to spend hours sifting through LinkedIn profiles, applying to jobs, and then waiting for responses.

1 year ago

This is a startup that wants to help corporations replace traditional HR software with a single platform that can handle recruitment, onboarding and retention.

4 months ago

A subscription-based service that helps businesses manage their workforce, including scheduling, recruitment, payroll and training.

2 years ago

A platform to create custom, private, and secure online video chat rooms for a variety of uses, including recruitment, dating, and customer support.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to help HR/recruitment/HR department leaders in the US to run their businesses more like startups. The founders say the company helps HR departments get more efficient by putting HR processes on rails and sharing best practices.

1 year ago

A professional recruitment platform for people who want to work from home. The startup is currently in YC, but is still raising funds.

2 months ago

A tool that helps HR departments create targeted recruitment ads for job-seekers.

1 year ago

An online tool that helps employers with their recruitment process. Employees can apply and receive feedback on their online profiles, but can also be asked to complete real-world interviews with employers.

1 year ago

A startuplicant tracking and talent management platform that helps companies plan and manage their recruitment, as well as manage the time and money they spend on it.

1 year ago

A recruitment app that helps young professionals find jobs. Based in the UK, the company is working with employers to help them recruit young talent.

1 year ago

A management platform for connecting sales reps with clients, currently only available in the UK. The company’s co-founder was previously the CEO of the UK’s largest recruitment search engine.

10 months ago

A social recruitment platform for high-end fashion brands. The startup is building their own marketplace, and working with brands to help them find the right people.

1 year ago

A B2B business that helps companies with software development and technology recruitment.

6 months ago

A Hong Kong-based startup that aims to bring in-person recruitment events online.

10 months ago

A tech-enabled solution for the back-end of a recruitment-focused startup for employee onboarding and management.

3 months ago

A recruitment system for small businesses, allowing them to post job openings, manage employee time, and more.

1 year ago

Recruitment platform that breaks down job descriptions into the skills that hiring managers need.

9 months ago

A platform that connects verified people with their college alumni to help them find jobs, and makes the process easier by automating the entire recruitment process.

1 year ago

A startup launching in the US and Canada that aims to disrupt the recruitment industry through machine learning and data science.

9 months ago

A recruitment platform for small businesses where employees are given the flexibility to choose their hours and when they work, but are also able to receive paid time off and benefits.

8 months ago

Recruitment dashboards for recruiting employers, meant to help them automate their hiring process. Inspiration: Uber’s driver recruitment dashboard.

7 months ago

A platform for recruitment agencies to find new talent and streamline their operations.