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by @levelsio

Electricity Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A web and mobile app that helps people learn which service providers offer the best deals on electricity, gas, and water.

2 years ago

Starting as a maker of carbonated drinks with the tagline “For those who don’t have air,” this startup is building a new kind of Citrus Cloud, which will use the sun as a source of carbon dioxide to allow plants to grow in areas without electricity.

2 years ago

A platform that shows you the cheapest electricity rates in your area, saving you money.

2 years ago

A startup that aims to take the power out of microgrids and put it into the hands of consumers. The startup is working on a battery pack with solar panels that can be installed on the rooftops of homes and offices and be used to supply electricity for a certain period of time, much like a powerbank.

2 years ago

A platform for people who want a green source of electricity (like rooftop solar)

2 years ago

A simple solution that allows people to track and pay for their electricity, gas, and water bills. The company wants to make paying bills easier than it is today and aims to cut costs for customers as a result.

1 year ago

A Web3-enabled P2P marketplace to buy and sell electricity. The company has a white paper in development and a prototype.

1 year ago

A software company that helps businesses figure out how much they’re paying for electricity, and then sets up a cash flow model to ensure they’re using less electricity. The company has a database of over 1,000 utility companies that it uses to calculate the cost of electricity.

1 year ago

A startup that helps businesses spend less on electricity costs by managing their energy usage (through usage monitoring and energy saving measures.)

1 year ago

A company that tracks and lets users track their own electricity usage, to help them save on their monthly bill

2 years ago

A startup that sells an innovative model of “waste-to-fuel” that turns waste into electricity.

1 year ago

This startup asks the question: “What if you could make your kitchen more efficient” If you want to save money on electricity, the company says, you could make your kitchen more efficient, cut down on your food waste, save time, and eat healthier.

1 year ago

A way to find cheap, reliable electricity, with solar panels on the roof.

6 months ago

App that maps out your home’s electricity usage by appliance.

8 months ago

A wave-generated, self-powered electricity generator

1 year ago

The startup’s goal is to build a $500 device that can be used to produce electricity from small amounts of water, such as rainwater.

1 year ago

A tool that helps users manage their electricity usage with a dashboard.

1 year ago

The startup is building a “mesh” of a microgrid. Microgrids are local electricity grids that can re-route power, and as such are an effective tool for disaster recovery.

8 months ago

A startup that tracks how much you’re paying for electricity and other utility bills. The company won’t tell you how much you’re paying, but they’ll tell you what it’s worth and how long you may be paying for.

6 months ago

A cheaper, more efficient way to distribute electricity. The startup wants to rewire the way we think about electricity, combining the best of blockchain and distributed computing.

1 year ago

A tool that lets you manage and schedule your home’s electricity consumption.

9 months ago

An algorithm that helps companies find the cleanest and most sustainable ways to generate electricity. It’s a way to use the power of AI to help companies at the 1MW to 100MW range, like power plants and chemical plants, use less energy.

11 months ago

A company that offers a service that allows the public to view details of the companies that supply their electricity. The app displays companies’ ethics and data from their websites and connects to their electricity suppliers through the cloud, giving people the ability to see how much they’re paying for electricity.

7 months ago

A startup that is looking to build a tool that can help people with their “incidental expenses”, like water and electricity. The startup is pitching it as the first credit card for the un-creditworthy.

7 months ago

A green energy startup that wants to provide electricity to people in the developing world.

6 months ago

A startup that is building a way to mine cryptocurrency without using any electricity. The company says its technology is 10,000 times more efficient than that of a traditional bitcoin miner.

4 months ago

Calculates how much electricity your appliances use — and how much you could save by switching out your old ones for more efficient models.

5 months ago

This company is developing a new way of generating electricity from water, with the ability to generate large amounts of clean and sustainable energy.

1 month ago

A startup that aims to use heat from a person’s body to make electricity. Currently the startup is focused on the UK and Europe, looking for the right materials to make their battery work.

14 days ago

A way to manage electricity usage and bill paying for customers, currently in beta.

20 days ago

A startup that’s building a service that makes it easy for people to create their own off-grid power plants and sell electricity to their neighbors.