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by @levelsio

Percentage Startup Ideas

3 months ago

A company that connects people with local handymen, who can perform repairs for them for a percentage of the cost.

1 year ago

A startup that does "reverse auction" for restaurant, bar, and retail seats. It charges a fee to the seller for the listing, and pays the buyer a percentage of the sale price.

1 year ago

A platform for product managers and engineers to collaborate on building software products, with a focus on helping teams at big companies get things built quickly and iterate rapidly. They charge a percentage of monthly revenue.

1 year ago

 This is a marketplace where people can sell their expired Amazon and eBay gift cards, with a small percentage of the proceeds going to charity. The startup takes a cut from each sale.

1 year ago

Gives people the ability to “give back” in a way that’s easy, cost effective, and fun. It’s a platform that lets people donate a percentage of their income through a daily survey, which is then split between the nonprofit of their choice and the charity of their choice.

1 year ago

A company that helps millennials save money on their mortgage. It takes a percentage of the savings that are returned to the customer after applying the savings to the mortgage.

1 year ago

A product that aims to change the way people save for retirement. Its main product is a small savings account for younger people, with a plan that pays out a percentage of future earnings.

1 year ago

A Wi-Fi-enabled fitness tracker that allows the user to measure their body fat percentage. When paired with Omron’s blood pressure monitor, it can also provide access to one’s general health history.

1 year ago

A startup that provides a marketplace for users to sell their items in exchange for money and a small percentage of the sale.

1 year ago

A digital health platform that helps patients track their blood pressure, heart rate, and other measurements. The idea is that it’s less expensive, and easier to use than the existing devices, which are used by a small percentage of the market.

8 months ago

A startup for selling and buying used cars. The startup plans to build a national network of used car dealers to help consumers meet sellers of similar cars. The startup will take a moderate percentage of the sale.

1 year ago

A company that helps small businesses with credit, lending them funding in exchange for a percentage of the business.

10 months ago

What is it: The startup is building a platform that helps people sell their products online. The company connects buyers with sellers, and takes a percentage of the transaction.

10 months ago

A platform for real estate agents to easily manage multiple listing services (MLS) listings on behalf of their clients, charging a small percentage of each sale.

10 months ago

A startup that wants to build a network of lenders who offer small business loans in exchange for a small percentage of the loan.

11 months ago

This product enables grocery stores to take in-store photos of their products, which are then uploaded onto a centralized platform. The startup takes a small percentage of each transaction.

9 months ago

A startup that helps businesses track and manage their marketing budgets. They sell to business and then pay out a percentage of their revenue to their customers.

7 months ago

A credit card that pays you back with a percentage of the fees you pay when using the card. The startup is building a credit card for the unbanked in the US.

10 months ago

A tool that enables employers to give workers a percentage of their salary for a certain period of time, allowing them to build a sustainable business.

25 days ago

A content-marketing tool for food bloggers. The startup takes a percentage of a blogger’s ad revenue.

7 months ago

A credit card that rewards customers for paying down their balance. A consumer can get the card from a bank and pay off the balance each month, then increase the credit limit in increments. The startup then takes a percentage of that credit and invests it in the customer’s portfolio.

5 months ago

A company that makes a smart kitchen scale that measures weight, BMI, and body fat percentage.

3 months ago

A student loan repayment platform that takes a percentage of each payment, rather than a flat monthly fee.

3 months ago

The goal is to create a marketplace for members to rent out their apartments and homes, with the fee being a percentage of the rent and letting members pick their own renter.

27 days ago

A software company that helps companies in the B2B space increase the percentage of sales that come from repeat and referral customers.

1 month ago

A platform that helps consumers find the best products for them, with a twist: the company takes a percentage of the retail price of the product if it ships to your house.

11 days ago

A platform that makes it easy for customers to buy products online. The startup’s revenue model is based on taking a percentage off the top of each transaction.

1 year ago

A startup that offers to pay for a portion of your medical school tuition in exchange for a percentage of your earnings for the first 10 years you work after you finish