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by @levelsio

Educational Startup Ideas

4 months ago

An educational game for kids to help them learn about financial literacy.

2 months ago

A platform that offers a variety of content for moms and babies, from playlists to educational videos.

1 year ago

A collection of online educational materials available for free.

2 years ago

An educational tool that helps students in the US get certificates from universities around the world. The startup helps students get their credits in real time, with a guarantee that their credits will transfer to the school they’re attending.

2 years ago

A system for schools and educational institutions to host online courses and one-on-one tutoring.

2 years ago

Idea: A startup that provides a small-scale, educational version of a Tesla Powerwall battery to budding solar panel users The company says that their product is the fastest-growing solar product in the United States, and has seen an 800% increase in the number of students using it

2 years ago

This company builds educational tools for students in the US and Canada.

1 year ago

A team that’s building a platform to publish and sell educational content for students in the US.

2 years ago

An educational video platform that funds new educational videos through a non-profit membership model.

1 year ago

A company that is building a digital platform that helps people and companies engage with educational content and services through a $25 monthly membership.

1 year ago

The startup’s goal is to “make it easier for people to understand and use automation”. The company’s first product will be a set of educational robots.

4 months ago

An educational tool to help students with homework. The startup aims to make the process of learning more engaging and fun.

1 year ago

A publisher of educational videos on topics like “how to become a leader”, “how to solve common problems”, and “how to be confident”. The startup is building a video library that can be rented for $50 or subscribed to per month.

9 months ago

A social platform that helps people connect to each other based on their shared interest in science, space, and technology. Curricula, which was founded in October, is an educational platform that lets people who share the same interests build a community and “seek, share and teach knowledge” in their area.

1 year ago

KVRP-FM is a radio station broadcasting at 88.1 MHz in San Marcos, Texas which airs an Adult Contemporary format. The station is owned by Educational Media Foundation.

11 months ago

A software startup that is building a platform for education to improve the quality of schools and the educational experience for students.

3 months ago

A program that would connect classrooms to the Internet and provide resources such as curriculums, tests, and other learning materials. The startup is looking to grow a large number of schools that connect classrooms and offer educational services.

7 months ago

A tool for online learning, similar to LinkedIn Learning or Udacity. The startup helps you integrate, manage, and track your educational programs.

5 months ago

Technology for tailoring and sharing educational resources for kids. The company has 8 employees and is initially focused on developing markets in Africa and Asia.

2 months ago

An educational startup that wants to help people learn how to build websites. “It’s like Codecademy, but for web development”.

1 year ago

Parchment is building a personalized education platform for students, parents, and teachers. Parchment uses artificial intelligence to identify the people in your life who share your interests, then helps match them with relevant educational content.

4 months ago

A device that helps detect if a home has lead poisoning, with a baked-in educational platform

5 months ago

A platform for companies to sell tickets to events like conferences and workshops, with a focus on educational programming.

13 days ago

The goal is to improve the educational experience for self-driving car engineers by replacing the monotonous work of copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet with the more creative task of creating a 3D model.

26 days ago

A platform for community events, including sports and educational conferences.

20 days ago

An educational app for teens, designed to help them learn and practice their English language. The first release of the app, with 11,000 users, is aimed at high school students, most of whom are 14 and 15 years old.

12 days ago

A startup that allows users to create a timeline of their life and experience using the photos, videos and other content they have. The goal is to create a digital archive of someone’s life to be used as an educational tool.