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by @levelsio

Yourself Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A new way to market yourself to investors

3 years ago

A startup that wants to make your money work for you, without having to do the work yourself. The company’s first product is a small device that makes it easier for people to open their credit card accounts, and has plans to expand to other financial products like insurance.

2 years ago

A “do-it-yourself” set of financial tools for people looking to manage their finances.

2 years ago

This authentication app is made for Airbnb and other service providers. It lets you use your phone to make a secure token to authenticate yourself to an app.

3 years ago

This company is building an alternative to the social networks that people use to connect with others. Rather than posting updates about yourself, you can post updates about other people.

3 years ago

A do-it-yourself insurance company for self-employed people. The company, which launched a year ago, is using tech to help people underwrite their own risks.

3 years ago

A startup that wants to let you take a selfie of yourself, and send it to a friend who’s also taking a selfie, and then you two can see each other’s faces in real time.

3 years ago

This is a startup that makes hardware that makes it easier to pick up and carry your coffee without scalding yourself. The company is currently only selling to the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally, and have raised $1.3M in funding from DFJ.

1 year ago

Want to get your employees to pay attention to their company’s social media presence but don’t want to manage the content yourself

2 years ago

A platform that lets you create and manage bids for your project's bids for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

2 years ago

A company that helps you better understand your social media habits, so you can better market yourself and your business.

1 year ago

This startup makes the “world’s first build-it-yourself” device that connects to a mobile app to consume, record, and transmit data from various medical devices to a mobile phone.

9 months ago

A tool that helps you shoot video and make GIFs. The design is simple and the tool allows you to record yourself and make GIFs of what you’re saying.

1 year ago

A social app that lets you set up groups of friends and family to help you out with tasks at times you’re not able to do them yourself.

1 year ago

A company that helps do-it-yourselfers build their own computerized drill press, with plans to offer on-demand service.

1 year ago

A company that is building a service that takes your current job title, cross-references it with your LinkedIn profile, and gives you suggestions on how to make yourself a more valuable employee.

1 year ago

An email newsletter that lets you send it to yourself so you can read it later and improve your skills.

7 months ago

You know how it’s hard to get those 15 minutes of exercise you’ve been promising yourself Your phone’s always in your pocket, and you’re always distracted. The app uses a combination of motion-activated sensors and beautiful audio prompts to keep you working toward your goals.

2 months ago

A startup that helps you create and test landing pages, taking away some of the hassle of building them yourself.

7 months ago

A startup that lets you quickly create a digital avatar of yourself, allowing you to “be” your own avatar on the Internet via a whole host of digital services.

1 year ago

A product that lets users create their own version of Facebook, with its own user-friendly interface and powerful tools to help you build your fan base, connect with others, and better promote yourself and your content.

11 months ago

A company that provides a new type of security software that works like a lock (that you can't physically lock yourself out of). The idea is that it prevents people from editing their own content, and also helps to prevent fraud.

5 months ago

A “do-it-yourself social network”, allowing you to share photos and videos, and easily follow your friends on Instagram and Twitter.

1 month ago

A “do-it-yourself” subscription service that lets users swap their phone for a new one every year.

3 months ago

A game where you play as a psychopathic serial killer that has to kill innocent people in various locations. The game is intended to be creepy and make you feel bad about yourself.

3 months ago

This startup wants to help you get the most out of your ride, with an online tool that lets you “track your rides” and “motivate yourself to work out”.

23 days ago

A startup that wants to allow you to create your own augmented reality experience. It’s a sort of digital drawing app, but with a twist — it allows you to make a 3D object with a digital version of yourself, and then add interactive elements, like touchscreens, lights, and sounds.