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by @levelsio

Universal Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A startup that makes a universal remote that can control all the devices in your home

2 years ago

This is an application for trading 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgages. The startup has raised $1.4 million from investors like Alphabet’s GV and Comcast’s NBCUniversal Ventures. Prior to YC, the company raised $1.2 million in seed funding from investors like Cowboy Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Social Starts and Social Finance.

2 years ago

The company’s goal is to create a “universal” platform for any company in retail to manage their own fulfillment.

1 year ago

The creators of this startup want to bring the world a universal, open-source, and non-profit search engine.

1 year ago

A company that wants to create a “universal” credit card for customers. This could be a credit union debit card or if the company is successful, a Visa or Mastercard card with a rewards program.

5 months ago

A startup that aims to bring a universal translator to the masses.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create a universal code of conduct for employees, so that companies can be sure they’re following the same rules for everyone.

1 year ago

A platform for all digital currencies. Their goal is to provide a universal wallet that allows users to exchange between digital and fiat currency directly.

1 year ago

A universal barcode reader for all industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The startup wants to develop a barcode reader that can read the same barcode across all industries.

1 year ago

A startup that’s bringing Bitcoin into the physical world, with a prepaid debit card and a physical debit card. The founders want to make Bitcoin universally usable, and are building a physical card to use at stores, ATMs, and anywhere else.

1 year ago

A technology company that is building a “truly universal” Bluetooth smartwatch for the masses.

1 year ago

A startup aiming to provide a universal language for software developers to build apps that are more human, more intuitive and easier to use than their competitors.

1 year ago

A company focused on building a “universal” drone that can be built for any kind of use, from anything from agriculture to photography to filmmaking.

1 year ago

A company that helps small businesses improve their marketing. The startup’s founders say they’ve built a “universal marketing plan” that helps small businesses launch new products and services and grow sales quickly.

10 months ago

People in the US are getting older, but the cost of healthcare is rising faster than the CPI. This startup wants to make healthcare affordable for everyone by merging technology with universal healthcare.

1 year ago

This startup is building a universal tool for “real time fraud prevention” for businesses in the UK.

8 months ago

A startup that wants to use artificial intelligence to build a better homescreen. The startup is building a “universal” homescreen that can be customized.

1 year ago

Built for the entertainment industry, the startup wants to create a universal currency for the industry. The currency is meant to be used in software and streamlining payments.

8 months ago

A startup that turns Facebook into a universal customer service ticketing system for companies. There are no fees for companies to get their tickets listed on the platform and brands can post customer service conversations on the site.

8 months ago

A startup that is “building the first universal OS kernel”.

11 months ago

A company that helps teachers and students connect and collaborate by syncing them with each other and their teachers via a universal app.

9 months ago

This startup is building a universal smart lock for renters and homeowners alike.

4 months ago

This is a platform that allows people to build a custom social network with a wide range of different types of users, like families, groups, or people of a particular interest, like the board game Risk. Eventually there will be a “universal” platform that allows people to build a custom social network, which will be valuable because custom social networks can grow faster.

22 days ago

A startup that wants to bring AI to a new level of collaboration by allowing work to be done faster by groups of people in real-time, rather than one person at a time. They’re building a “universal document editor” meant to be easy enough for IBM’s Watson to use.

7 months ago

A universal health platform, connecting people to doctors and physicians, and offering a gamified health assessment.

1 month ago

The startup wants to connect brand owners with influencers to create content for online and social media. The startup is currently in a partnership with Universal Pictures and the upcoming movie “The Girl On The Train”.

2 years ago

Idea: Use crowdsourced data to build a universal language translation app for developers