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by @levelsio

Minded Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A women’s networking app that connects women interested in entrepreneurship and investing to other like-minded women.

2 years ago

A social network that helps you find like-minded people and discover things to do.

2 years ago

A company that manages “affinity communities”, or groups of like-minded people who share a similar interest.

2 years ago

This company uses algorithms to predict what things you like based on your online browsing history and then matches you with like-minded people for future purchases.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to build a community of like-minded people who would like to share their life’s stories with others, using their own digital products.

2 years ago

A social network for pet owners, where owners can post photos of their pets, find like-minded people, and post and discuss questions about their choices for pets.

2 years ago

A platform for an easy way to connect and build relationships with like-minded people. The startup is building a community for developers.

1 year ago

A mobile app and website that allows users to find and connect with other like-minded people in their area to build a network of friends and collaborators.

2 years ago

A startup that helps people find like-minded people in their area to join them on a shared journey. The site lets you book a ride with others nearby, and lets them know when it’s ready to pick them up.

21 days ago

A community for the homeless, the homeless-minded, and the hungry.

2 years ago

 This startup aims to help people change the way they use the internet. It looks to improve engagement, helping people find meaning in their lives and hobbies, and helping them find like-minded people for social interaction.

2 years ago

Startup Grind is a global community that aims to connect entrepreneurs and their startups with like-minded people, resources, and events in order to accelerate their growth. Startup Grind Philly is one of the first chapters based in the United States.

10 months ago

A company that’s building an interface for like-minded people to connect and share their ideas, needs and resources.

1 year ago

A company that helps users find and connect with like-minded people in their area.

7 months ago

The startup’s founders say they’re the first to offer a marketplace for like-minded people to share their unique skills and talents with each other.

7 months ago

A shopping app that involves you sharing your personal style with other like-minded shoppers.

1 year ago

 A startup that’s building a product to help people meet and collaborate with like-minded people in their area.

16 days ago

A “global community of like-minded people who are interested in building businesses that use exponential technologies”

1 year ago

This app is designed to help you organize your favorite shows, so you don’t miss an episode or be constantly reminded of a series you haven’t watched in a while.

1 year ago

A social network for people who run their own businesses. The company wants to help people find like-minded people who can help with tasks like bookkeeping and payroll.

1 year ago

A startup that helps people find like-minded people to do things with, like work, play, or volunteer with.

1 year ago

A platform that allows employees to sync their personal calendars so they can be more productive and still be reminded of meetings and important deadlines.

1 year ago

A video sharing platform focused on the video gaming community. Gamers use their mobile devices to upload their gameplay and create a community of like-minded people.

11 months ago

A social network for millennials. The company wants to create a community of like-minded people. They want to be different from Facebook and Twitter because they want to be more of a group than a brand.

1 month ago

A company that helps people buy and sell homes amongst like-minded people on a social network. It has just launched in the UK, and has just launched in the USA .

2 months ago

The company’s app will launch in 2018 and will give users who have identified as a person of color, or as a person with disabilities, in the past three years a platform to be able to meet like-minded individuals and have a safe space.

2 months ago

Essentially, a personal dating app with the goal of creating a more systematic, less chaotic way of matching people up. Potential users include people who have a special interest in a specific topic and want to find like-minded people.

2 years ago

Idea: A social network for people who love to travel The startup’s founder is an active traveler who wanted to create a space for like-minded folks to find travel companions The startup says they have over 75,000 users