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by @levelsio

Workspace Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A collaborative workspace where people can work on their own projects and teams can rent desks for a day or week.

5 months ago

A design studio for offices and retail. The startup wants to create a stylish, personalized workspace for each employee, which can be installed in under 15 minutes.

1 year ago

A platform for remote workers where they can share their workspace, access to tools and other resources, and can build the work environment they need. The company recently received $1.75 million in seed funding.

1 year ago

This startup wants to be the “Uber of co-working spaces”, using a model that blends coworking spaces with traditional offices. The company offers a furniture-less workspace with a dedicated desk and lockable storage, designed to help companies get the most value out of their new space.

2 years ago

A tool for cleaning and organizing deprecated connections from a Slack workspace.

3 years ago

The company provides a virtual shared workspace that runs on Slack, allowing people to remotely collaborate on projects.

3 years ago

The startup operates a women’s-only workspace that allows female entrepreneurs to connect and build new ideas.

3 years ago

The startup is trying to bring the benefits of a traditional shared workspace to remote workers. The startup is building a system that allows users to take part in many different workspaces, and then get the space where they work.

3 years ago

The startup is looking to create a new type of workplace that features coworking spaces, shared workspace, and on-demand services.

2 years ago

 A company that gathers data from 10 million office spaces around the world and uses AI to predict how offices will be used in the future. The startup, which launched in May, will use this data to help companies with building out spaces in the future, by using it to determine which workspaces are most needed.

3 years ago

A “virtual office” for remote employees, offering a virtual workspace, meeting space, and project management solution.

2 years ago

This startup that makes a “virtual shared workspace”.

1 month ago

A startup that helps you make your desk a more organized workspace, and is designed to aid you in work and personal productivity.

2 years ago

A SaaS company that provides a digital workspace in a mobile app.

8 months ago

The startup is building a way for users to share their workspace, or “smart home”, with others. The startup is building a platform that allows users to connect and sell their space.

1 year ago

A shared workspace for tech companies to rent out their desks and conference rooms for short-term projects.

1 year ago

A “social workspace” that is a virtual home for kids to hang out, play, meet their friends, and do their homework. The startup is based in San Diego and is working on a $10 million round.

1 year ago

A company that transforms truck trailers into workspace for creative professionals.

1 year ago

A Slack-like messaging app that is designed to be collaborative, not competitive. The app is meant to be a collaborative workspace for employees working on projects.

7 months ago

A platform that helps you find the type of office space you want, from private offices to flexible workspaces to open floor plans.

9 months ago

Building an all-in-one shared workspace, co-working, and sales-support platform.

3 months ago

A directory of shared workspaces for startups in the Bay Area.

1 year ago

WeWork is the largest shared workspace company in the world, with over $6 billion in funding and over 2 million members. WeWork wants to offer its members a range of services like gyms, cafes, and other add-ons that can help their members live healthier and happier lives.

2 months ago

A solution for teams to set up their own private workspace.

27 days ago

A startup to help engineers work with multiple clients and manage their projects. It allows clients to manage their projects in the cloud, and has features like invoicing, time tracking, and a shared online workspace.

4 months ago

A digital workspace and communications app for corporate employees.

2 months ago

A next-gen tool for managing a shared workspace. The core of the application will be a shared whiteboard, which will allow users to draw, collaborate, and add their own content.

2 months ago

 A tool for scheduling all sorts of workspaces, from yoga classes to massage appointments, with a focus on the wellness industry.

2 months ago

A platform that helps businesses manage their physical space by providing the tools and technology needed to design and furnish off-site workspaces.

3 years ago

Idea: A startup that makes a co-working product for laundry mats, combining a fully-equipped workspace with a place to do your laundry.