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by @levelsio

Internationally Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A platform for sharing and selling reusable office supplies to businesses. The startup focuses on 8 great office supply items that are used a lot, but don’t get recycled as often as they should. They’re currently focusing on the US, but plan to expand internationally and into business software.

1 year ago

A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.

2 years ago

A startup with a SaaS platform that helps retailers submit orders quickly and easily. The company is based in the UK but wants to grow internationally.

1 year ago

A platform that allows landlords to manage their rental units, connecting them to homebuyers and letting agents. The pitch is that it gives landlords a new way to run their business, helping them collect rent and keep track of their properties. It’s available in the UK and Australia at the moment, although they’re looking to expand internationally.

2 years ago

A San Francisco-based startup that wants to help you build your own customized products, from custom business cards to custom furniture. The startup is building a catalog of products, and shipping internationally.

2 years ago

A startup for startups looking to grow internationally. It’s a more self-serve approach than other startups, but the founders believe that they can provide the best service for a given price.

2 years ago

A startup that makes it easy for retailers to accept payments from third-party app integrations, with plans to expand internationally.

2 years ago

Work-at-home tech support for small businesses. The startup is based in the Bay Area and recently raised $3 million to expand internationally.

2 years ago

A startup aiming to make it easier for people to do business internationally

2 years ago

A platform to pay bills, make payments, and send money internationally. The company says it can save money for consumers and businesses by making it easier to pay bills, send money internationally and transfer funds overseas more easily.

2 years ago

A peer-to-peer money transfer service for friends, families, or businesses. The startup plans to fund the business via a $1.5 million seed round, and is building a mobile app to help its members send money internationally.

2 years ago

Focused on improving the user experience of people who travel internationally. The company brings together a private messaging platform for travelers with a photo-sharing feature. The company is in the testing phase and will be available in the U.S. and Europe.

2 years ago

This is a startup that makes hardware that makes it easier to pick up and carry your coffee without scalding yourself. The company is currently only selling to the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally, and have raised $1.3M in funding from DFJ.

1 year ago

The company is building a digital marketplace for people who want to buy and sell their used goods at wholesale. The company is focusing on the US but they plan to launch internationally.

2 years ago

An online marketplace for e-commerce merchants to sell their products and services in bulk. The startup is currently focused on the US, but has plans to expand internationally.

2 years ago

Say Hello is a video messaging app for the deaf community in the US. The company is looking to expand internationally, and has expanded to Brazil and Germany.

1 year ago

A bitcoin exchange for retailers and small businesses that want to accept the cryptocurrency. The startup is currently focusing on the US, with plans to expand internationally.

1 year ago

Patagonia has been in the YC program since 2010. The company sells backpacks and other outdoor gear through retail and wholesale channels in the US and internationally.

1 year ago

This company wants to make the process of getting a business loan easier for the unbanked. It’s currently testing in the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally too.

1 year ago

The company wants to take the cost of sending parcels internationally to $0.

1 year ago

A payment solution for contractors and service providers. The company has a base of high-volume users in the US and is looking to expand internationally.

5 months ago

A company that wants to make it easier to track visas and other documents you need to access internationally.

10 months ago

A novel way to send money internationally using the blockchain.

10 months ago

A platform for buying and selling precious metals in the US, which is working to expand internationally.

11 months ago

A payment processing platform for small businesses. The startup, which was founded in April, has already earned $200,000 in revenue, with plans to expand internationally in the next 12 months.

9 months ago

A way to make it easy for people to send money from their bank account to their friends and family across the world. The startup is only in the US currently, but aims to expand internationally.

6 months ago

A “transaction-based” social network, where people can follow others and interact with them through messages. The startup has already signed up 500 users in the US and has plans to expand internationally in the coming months.

7 months ago

A startup that helps private investors find startups. The startup says they’ve already helped over 1,000 startups raise over $1,000,000 in funding, with plans to scale and expand internationally.

3 months ago

A startup that helps parents track what their kids are doing on social media. The startup is focused on the US market, but is also considering expanding internationally.

3 months ago

A startup for businesses seeking to grow internationally. Companies can connect with a team of remote advisors who help with finance, legal, and operational concerns.

4 months ago

A digital movie ticketing service being built in the UK with plans to expand internationally in the near future. The company is building a way to sell tickets online that’s simple and instantaneous.

20 days ago

A platform that helps companies manage their vendors, both domestically and internationally.

2 years ago

Idea: Early stage, VC-backed uBiome is an open source citizen science biotech that makes it easy for anyone to analyze their microbiome The company is profitable and is scaling internationally, but its founders want more funding