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by @levelsio

Dynamic Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A tool for teams to manage their Microsoft Dynamics 365 contracts, making it easy to see who has been paid and which tasks have been completed.

1 year ago

A platform for building dynamic and real-time dashboards with custom data, without having to build it from scratch.

2 years ago

Building a software that creates a "large-scale, custom, curated, and dynamic online gallery" for brands.

2 years ago

A “dynamic pricing platform” for calls and text messages.

2 years ago

For over two years, the company has been working on a platform that allows teams to track the sales process and view it as a movie, with data visualizations and a dynamic timeline. Users can pull data from any source, and the company’s been working with a number of clients, including the White House, to do this.

2 years ago

A startup that offers a platform for building micro-communities online. The company wants to bring the community dynamic of crowdfunding to communities in which people have a shared interest.

2 years ago

A digital platform that provides what its founders call a “dynamic ‘recipe’—a step-by-step process that guides users through every step of the creative process from start to finish.”

2 years ago

A company that helps automate supply chain processes for companies in the food and beverage industry. The startup’s software allows manufacturers to build a single, dynamic, supply chain plan, and it can adjust based on changes in demand and supply.

1 year ago

This company is building a dynamic, social network for creators. The company’s users are known as “creators”, and they’re able to join the platform via social channels like Facebook and Twitter. The company’s blog is meant to be a “creators” hub, where they’re able to share their work, and tips and tricks.

2 years ago

City-state management software company, enabling governments to be more dynamic, efficient, and effective. The startup was founded in May, and has over 50 clients nationwide.

2 years ago

A “dynamic ad platform” built for the Internet of Things

2 years ago

A “dynamic” service that allows customers to take a picture of a receipt and have it automatically translated to 10 other languages. It also provides translation services for non-English speaking customers.

2 years ago

A startup that wants to create a new way of managing content that’s more dynamic and flexible than traditional CMSs.

4 months ago

An automated, end-to-end testing platform that tracks and reports on each test run, and runs tests on a dynamic set of parameters.

1 year ago

A start-up that brings a "dynamic pricing" system to the field of real estate.

10 months ago

A “social” or “dynamic” sales and marketing platform for small business owners. The startup offers an online platform for users to create customized sales and marketing campaigns. The platform then connects them with their target audience, encouraging the user to talk about their products and services, which the startup claims is more effective than most traditional marketing platforms.

10 months ago

A dynamic pricing platform for events. The platform lets event organizers set their prices for different time slots and locations, and lets event-goers buy tickets on demand.

3 months ago

A new way of doing data visualization, called “dynamic image synthesis.” This is a bit like drawing with an eye dropper.

1 year ago

A hybrid of Slack and Telegram, where users can chat with each other and their channels on the platform, and the company’s bots can do more dynamic tasks on the side. It’s currently available for beta on iOS.

1 year ago

The concept is a “dynamic price guide” that helps consumers decide on the best price for a product. It’s a knowledge base of price comparison numbers and historical data to help users decide which store has the best price.

1 month ago

A programming language that teaches its users to build AI-powered bots using dynamic programming.

9 months ago

A startup that is building a real-time, user-driven food delivery app. The app uses a dynamic pricing model that changes based on the demand for a particular item and its proximity to the user.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to replace the static, static-y nature of HTML with a dynamic, collaborative interface that allows you to write web pages with a visual dynamic editor that also enables you to work collaboratively with others. The startup is using the same tech they’re using to build the editor to create a mobile app that’s also dynamic and collaborative.

1 month ago

A travel booking app called Yolt uses a dynamic pricing algorithm to continuously adjust pricing based on demand, which they say leads to less price volatility and a larger number of paid hotel rooms.

7 months ago

A new way of using React that allows you to create dynamic, yet semantic, pages with a component library.

5 months ago

A “smart, dynamic, and adaptive” predictive analytics tool for banks, pitched as “the next generation of risk management”.

2 years ago

Idea: A startup building a “dynamic web app builder” which gives users the ability to create mobile apps using nothing but templates and a version of visual block-based coding. It also promises users the ability to import existing HTML/CSS sites into its app builder.