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by @levelsio

Talking Startup Ideas

3 years ago

A fake account that updates you on trending topics and stories that others are talking about, but are too boring or too niche to actually care about.

3 years ago

A SaaS business that takes the pain out of talking to a doctor online, allowing patients to schedule appointments and communicate with their doctors 24/7.

2 years ago

A restaurant-ordering app to make it easy for people to order food at a restaurant without talking to a server.

3 years ago

A startup that provides a service for people with social anxiety to practice talking with a therapist

3 years ago

A translator that translates the voice of a user's phone into text. The startup, which was founded in May, says that a lot of the time people are talking to themselves, and that voice-to-text software works great but is hard to use.

2 years ago

A way to automate the sales process, with software to help companies be more effective in talking to prospects.

2 years ago

A venture-backed, data-driven performance marketing company that helps companies find out what people are talking about, what they’re talking to each other about, and what people are saying about their brands.

1 year ago

This startup helps companies build more effective meetings by giving them a way to track who’s talking, what they’re talking about, and how long they’ve been speaking. The result is a meeting that’s more engaged and productive, and the company says that it has helped the company save $1M in travel costs.

2 years ago

This startup makes the most of the fact that employers like to have their employees on the same location. It connects employees with other employees in a private chat room, where they can discuss work and ask questions. It’s a more efficient use of time for employers who don’t want their employees talking to each other.

10 months ago

A monitor for companies to review their employees' performance. Leaders can use it to see how employees are performing, or even see how they’re talking to managers and peers.

2 years ago

A company that wants to help businesses manage their customer data. They’ve been in stealth mode for two years and they’re already talking to more than 500 Fortune 500 companies.

2 years ago

A startup that helps new employees get hired by talking to recruiters on behalf of the company without the new employee having to do the work. The startup has a 100% success rate so far.

1 year ago

This startup is building a tool for restaurants to allow customers to order food and drinks without ever talking to a waiter or waitress, and without giving out their phone number.

1 year ago

Designed for dinnertime conversations, the app allows users to see what their friends are talking about and brings some of Facebook’s features to dinner table discussions.

9 months ago

The startup aims to create a network of talking AI bots that can be used to enhance communications for everyone from teenagers to seniors to the disabled.

2 years ago

The startup is a sort of hybrid between a healthcare concierge and a personal shopper. It’s meant to help people who want help with the nuts and bolts of healthcare, like understanding their insurance or talking to doctors.

8 months ago

A tool to help users find out what a company’s employees are talking about on Twitter.

1 year ago

A medical device that can detect breast cancer, in a more affordable and less invasive way than current tools. It’s not FDA approved yet, but the founders say they have been talking to a number of medical companies that have expressed interest.

7 months ago

The list is far from exhaustive and reflects what a lot of people in Silicon Valley are talking about.

1 year ago

The company claims that its software allows people to get paid for their time spent texting and talking to their customers, making it easier for social media influencers to generate a living from promoting brands without having to have an expensive advertising budget.

1 year ago

A product for parents to track and organize their children’s behavior, with features like a daily report, talking charts, and rewards for good behavior.

1 year ago

The most popular city for the founders of the top 50 startups, based on talking to founders, was New York. The city was home to 10% of the startups and the rest are spread across the US, including Silicon Valley and Seattle.

8 months ago

A startup that helps car rental companies find and track down damaged cars, as well as provide them with insurance. They’re currently working with Hertz and Avis, but are talking with other car rental companies.

7 months ago

A healthcare startup focused on telemedicine. The startup wants to take the “talking to your doctor” experience online.

11 months ago

Pitch Tracker is a tool that helps companies manage their online conversations. It’s a robust platform for tracking social media posts and conversations about your company, and for helping you find the best people to do the talking.

2 months ago

An API for talking to your fridge. The startup wants to build a low-cost appliance that helps you track what’s in your fridge and how much is left.

5 months ago

(really) A child protection app that allows parents to take photos of their kids and send them to the police. When the police arrive, they can use the app to share information about the child with the parents and even record a video of the child talking.

5 months ago

A tool that helps brands understand what their sales reps are talking about in social media. The startup says their product is the same thing that recruiters use to track what’s happening at a job fair, but it can also be used to track what employees are saying on social media.

3 years ago

Idea: A platform that helps people create videos of themselves talking through things like a how-to guide, or a testimonial, to help them market themselves online

3 years ago

Idea: A platform to send short audio clips with a text message The startup wants to make texting more like talking

3 years ago

Idea: A way to buy and sell phone numbers, with the team saying that a lot of people are talking about retiring their phone numbers because of changes in the current contact system.