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by @levelsio

Shipped Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A company that sends physical boxes to your home or work after you place an order on their website. The boxes are filled with the product you’ve ordered and then shipped back to you.

2 years ago

A New York-based startup that sells t-shirts that have a QR code embedded on them to track where the item was shipped.

1 year ago

A startup that provides a “digital home” where someone can design and build a custom home online, and then have it shipped to them. The startup creates a 3D model of the house, and then puts it into a CAD program, which allows them to directly see the design, and put in every detail.

2 years ago

A platform to notify companies when their products are being shipped

2 years ago

A platform that allows customers to buy a specific film or lens and have it shipped directly to their door.

2 years ago

A company that creates technology that can detect defects in products before they're shipped to customers.

2 years ago

This app lets users track the delivery status of packages shipped through the company.

2 years ago

This software startup is building a tool that will help users manage their beauty orders and have them shipped to their door within a few days.

2 years ago

A company that helps companies manage their supply chain. The startup helps companies manage their supply chain by providing visibility into where their goods are coming from and how they’re being shipped, and manage their logistics.

1 year ago

A startup that connects customers to third-party products that can be shipped in a day, rather than weeks.

7 months ago

A startup that wants to connect businesses and consumers directly. It’s currently focused on one market that wants to be able to buy a physical product and also have that product shipped over the web.

2 years ago

A startup that enables customers to pre-order any kind of product and get it shipped to their house in just 3 days. It’s currently been used to pre-order 500 products.

1 year ago

A startup where users can pay to get products shipped to their house. The startup is also working on an app that lets users follow their packages as they move through the shipping system.

9 months ago

A startup that allows you to request a specific craft beer from any bar in the world and get it shipped to your home for free.

8 months ago

A platform that helps businesses manage their inventory across the entire supply chain, from the moment they receive raw materials to when they’re ready to be shipped out. It aims to be the first company to simplify the supply chain so companies can stop using legacy systems and focus on what they do best.

1 year ago

A company that helps customers track when and where packages are shipped.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to help people buy, sell and ship items without having to worry about inventory. The startup is building a platform where you can list items for sale, then have them packaged and shipped directly to someone else.

10 months ago

A startup that helps customers track their package. The startup’s goal is to build an app that lets people track the status of their packages, so they know when it’s about to be delivered, shipped, or lost.

9 months ago

An API that allows users to request a product to be shipped to their home and picked up by someone who works for the company instead of being shipped to a customer’s home.

1 year ago

This startup is building a global secure container shipping platform for small and medium sized businesses. They’re building a “portfolio of services” to help companies get their goods shipped faster and more efficiently.

5 months ago

A B2B logistics startup that lets businesses get products shipped to their offices, warehouses or distribution centers. The company has built an IoT tracking platform to help businesses track their packages.

1 year ago

A startup that makes it easy for designers to create products that are printed and shipped to the customer’s home.

11 months ago

A startup for selling home goods. Things are sold from the company's warehouse, shipped to the buyer, and then the item is sold on Amazon.

10 months ago

A tool that will allow non-profits to raise money for their causes by pre-selling branded merchandise, starting with a fundraiser for the American Red Cross. Customers purchase pieces of a t-shirt or hoody and design their own text and images, which they can then have printed and shipped. The proceeds of their sale will go directly to the American Red Cross.

4 months ago

A healthcare app that helps Americans order medical supplies online in the US and have them shipped to them in India.

6 months ago

A startup that lets you put your phone number on a business card and connect with friends, family, and colleagues. The founders of this startup say they’re selling a lot of business cards, with over 1,200 cards shipped in 24 hours and a $1,500 monthly recurring revenue.

1 month ago

A startup that helps companies save money by paying for products and services in bulk. The startup manages the purchase of products on behalf of its customers and then pays for them when they’re all shipped. The startup is based in the Bay Area, based on "Crowdfunding as a Service" model.

4 months ago

A platform that helps smaller businesses collaborate with their suppliers, allowing them to check out the status of a product or service before it’s shipped and even see what the supplier looks like.

2 years ago

A startup that sells boxes that can be shipped to customers who have purchased from your store

2 years ago

A startup that provides a service where people can have their blood drawn at a local lab and then shipped to a local doctor to be analyzed