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by @levelsio

Landing Startup Ideas

9 months ago

An artificial intelligence tool that automatically generates sales and marketing collateral, including videos and landing pages.

2 years ago

A software company that helps companies with their landing page optimization, helping them do things like better target their ads to different customer segments and track their content performance.

2 years ago

A tool to help you build your own landing pages.

2 years ago

A startup that makes it easy for SMBs to create landing pages and turn them into websites for all sorts of purposes.

2 years ago

A tool that helps companies build and test landing pages, which currently have over 70% of their traffic coming from mobile.

2 years ago

A company that wants to help retailers and restaurant chains build their own online storefronts from scratch. The startup helps with building the critical first step of a business, from creating a landing page to getting the store’s inventory all set up.

2 years ago

This startup is building a tool that helps small businesses create and manage their own marketing campaigns. It’s called “marketing automation” and helps businesses automate the creation of emails, landing pages, and other marketing materials.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create a hub for job seekers to improve their chances of landing a job, allowing companies to focus on hiring.

2 years ago

A tool with a very simple interface that can help designers create landing pages, sales pages, or purchase pages. The company says they’ve already seen 40,000 clicks on their landing pages.

2 years ago

SaaS business that helps brands optimize conversion rates on their site. The startup is also building a product that allows brands to test different landing pages.

4 months ago

A startup that lets you build landing pages in seconds that look like the real thing.

1 year ago

A company that creates one-click, easy-to-setup landing pages that look just like search results and are indistinguishable from them, except that they’re optimized for conversions.

2 years ago

A platform that helps users create and buy custom stories for their businesses, letting them build custom landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, and e-books.

2 years ago

This startup is building a tool to automatically generate landing pages for your campaign. The startup is a Y Combinator alum, having raised a seed round in 2013.

2 years ago

A startup that helps businesses manage their data and get to market quicker. The company says it’s already landing a lot of customers in the early days as it’s able to deliver a relatively simple product.

2 months ago

A startup that helps restaurants build a digital storefront on their own websites. The platform allows restaurants to build their own landing pages with a toolkit that is easy to use.

1 year ago

An email marketing platform that automatically creates HTML-based landing pages for each email campaign.

3 months ago

A startup that builds a landing page for bus tickets and allows users to buy bus tickets to any city in the world.

1 year ago

One of the founders is a former Google employee and the company is trying to make it easier to manage your VPS. They have a landing page that includes a free trial and a free account.

11 months ago

A landing page builder for agencies, which means that if you’re an agency, you can build your own landing page, or build a landing page for a client.

3 months ago

Unbounce is a tool for landing page and app UX/UI. The company connects with its customers’ analytics software to create and test landing pages and apps.

1 year ago

A directory for finding the nearest dry cleaner, restaurant, and other types of businesses. The company launched in Boston with the goal of landing in New York and Los Angeles by December.

1 year ago

The startup wants to help companies build custom landing pages and email marketing campaigns for their businesses. It offers a custom design tool, email design templates, and analytics for each campaign.

1 year ago

A tool to automatically create and distribute landing pages.

3 months ago

A startup that connects landlords to potential tenants, with a landing page for renters to fill out an application.

8 months ago

A startup for people to manage their travel arrangements, including accommodations, flights, and transfers. The company is in the final stages of development for an app, and is planning a landing page and website in the coming weeks.

5 months ago

A tool for creating websites and landing pages. The startup’s founders had built a similar tool for their own business, but realized that the majority of their work was spent on the “unfun” tasks of putting together a page.

17 days ago

This startup is building an AI assistant for digital marketing teams, designed to automate routine tasks that can’t be automated like creating landing pages and social media posts.

5 months ago

A SaaS platform that helps online retailers build and optimize their landing pages.

24 days ago

“A startup that helps anyone create a website for their startup by allowing them to create a landing page with a single click.”

2 years ago

Idea: A B2B company meant to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their digital ads — by tracking and analyzing their landing page performance.