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by @levelsio

Smarter Startup Ideas

11 months ago

A platform from Tel Aviv, Israel, that compares the cost and quality of products you’re buying to help you make smarter decisions.

2 years ago

The startup is building an ecosystem of connected devices that’s meant to make the kitchen smarter. It’s a modular system, with sensors such as a thermometer and a oven that work together to track food and cook times.

2 years ago

This is a startup that’s building a data science team for brands in order to get smarter, more predictive and better at predicting the future of marketing

2 years ago

The idea is to redefine the way people think of and approach real estate as a place to live. The company plans to use marketing, design, and data to help people make smarter choices about their homes.

2 years ago

A company that wants to help you manage your network of colleagues, friends, and customers. The startup wants to build a smarter network of people to keep up with connections and build a community with. It plans to focus on small companies because they tend to have more existing relationships to build on, and are more likely to use social networks.

1 year ago

A company that helps athletes train smarter and reach their performance goals faster.

2 years ago

A “full stack” financial planning and management tool, which is supposed to help people make smarter financial decisions.

1 year ago

A data-driven service that estimates the cost of a trip based on emissions, driving it all the way to booking a flight. Their platform works with airlines and car rental companies to help reduce emissions, as well as help people make smarter travel decisions.

10 months ago

A platform that helps you understand your payment and credit card data and helps you use it to make smarter financial decisions.

2 years ago

A platform that helps people buy and sell single family homes. Currently focused on the UK. The company is using a combination of software and crowdsourced data to help buyers make smarter decisions.

2 years ago

A product for athletes that helps them train smarter and more effectively, using breathing exercises, temperature monitoring, and other data.

2 years ago

Allows users to create a “smarter” calendar, with a focus on things like highlighting “no shows”, removing “redundant” events, etc.

2 years ago

A data-driven platform for B2B businesses looking to make smarter hiring decisions. The company says they have over 10,000 customers, including YC partner Stripe.

2 years ago

An analytics tool for companies to track a person’s digital footprint and help them make smarter decisions based on that data.

2 years ago

A tool that lets teams and companies develop and manage a smarter mobile app. The app can pick up on text messages that contain keywords related to the app’s sales and communicate with customers to upsell them and offer promotions.

1 year ago

A startup that allows for a smarter way to select or customize an outfit for a formal event.

5 months ago

A startup that aims to help restaurant workers work smarter to reduce wasted food

1 year ago

A platform for companies to communicate with their clients in a way that’s “smarter, more personal, and consistent.”

1 year ago

A digital platform that helps people track their spending habits, saving money, and helping them to make smarter spending decisions.

2 years ago

Idea: A software company that wants to build project management applications that are smarter and easier to use than what’s available today

1 year ago

A crowd-funded business that seeks to build a “smarter” retirement system for Americans.

10 months ago

This startup wants to make coworking spaces more efficient by building a collaboration platform for workers to get smarter about their projects.

1 year ago

“A platform that connects people with the power of AI to help them understand their financial position in real time.” The startup wants to help users make smarter financial decisions.

1 year ago

 A smartphone app to help people exercise smarter, with a slew of new features.

1 year ago

This startup is a “smarter way of sending money”, replacing paper checks with digital payments. The startup is essentially a digital alternative to pre-paid gift cards.

1 year ago

A startup that helps consumers to make sense of their mortgage payments, saving them time while also helping them make smarter financial decisions.

7 months ago

A smarter way to use the power of your smartphone to manage your money. The startup wants to make financial management easy, offering a service that allows you to view your bank account, transfer money, and make purchases all from your phone.

2 months ago

A startup that provides “a smarter, more accurate way to manage your money”, with a goal of “making sure you’re always getting the right interest rate on your savings”. The company is planning to launch in early 2020.

8 months ago

This startup wants to make your shopping experience smarter by tracking what you’re looking at and what you’re buying. It’s based on a lightweight shopping cart, but has plans to eventually build out a more robust recommendation engine.

1 year ago

A data visualization tool for online reviews that gathers and displays data from across a business’s entire customer base, and then creates a custom visualization to help companies make smarter decisions.

1 year ago

A startup that allows users to track their exercise, nutrition, and sleep habits, and then make smarter decisions based on their data. They’re building a platform to help users be more proactive in their health.

3 months ago

A startup that turns the data collected by your fitness tracker into a dashboard, allowing you to analyze the data and make smarter changes in your lifestyle.

18 days ago

A tool that helps people set up lists of restaurants, chefs, and cuisines to help them make smarter restaurant and food choices.

6 months ago

A company that makes all your devices smarter. They’re currently in pilot with 12 clients, including Philips and Vodafone.