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by @levelsio

Weekly Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program that provides customers with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and other items from local farmers. Customers pay for their weekly deliveries of local fruits and vegetables through a subscription model.

2 years ago

The Startup Grind podcast is a weekly podcast about entrepreneurship, hosted by founders of SBJ’s own portfolio companies.

2 years ago

Each week, the startup curates a list of 3-10 new books, videos, podcasts, and articles from the industry and the web that it thinks are worth reading and listening to. The startup also curates a weekly newsletter.

2 years ago

The company has begun to experiment with a plan to bring a $10/month subscription service to consumers that would provide a weekly Amazon Prime-like service to customers. The company could be an alternative to people who don’t like Amazon Prime’s current offerings.

2 years ago

Builds mobile apps for small and medium-sized businesses that are typically handled by outsourced developers. It helps the client keep track of their employees and their weekly hours, track expenses, and generate invoices.

2 years ago

A company that wants to make it easier for companies to manage their sales force by helping them upgrade their CRM and marketing software on a weekly or monthly basis.

10 months ago

The BusinessBold is an online directory of B2B startups. The directory allows members to search for businesses based on location, industry, and size. The directory is updated weekly.

2 years ago

This startup is looking to automatically generate and sell weekly email subscriptions to people based on their buying habits. The email service is for people who want to make sure they get email notifications for products they purchase frequently, like coffee or a subscription service, like Gilt or Birchbox.

2 years ago

A software platform that allows brokers to lower their fees by sending buyers and sellers a weekly report with a snapshot of their properties.

2 years ago

A payroll company, where employees get paid bi-weekly.

2 years ago

A weekly newsletter that covers Y Combinator startups.

2 years ago

The name of the service is taken from the Latin word “diaspora”, which means “dispersed” or “dissolved.” The company is building a platform for businesses to offer their customers a daily or weekly service, such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry.

4 months ago

A weekly show for people interested in food and restaurants, with a focus on the best new restaurants.

6 months ago

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that takes orders via an app. Instacart hopes to be a one-stop shop for weekly shopping, with a focus on healthy, organic food.

1 year ago

A platform that lets users receive a weekly email (or text message) that shows them how to use their phone.

1 year ago

A startup for the sales of all kinds of used goods. The startup is hosting weekly events to help people sell goods directly to buyers.

1 year ago

A weekly newsletter for parents and grandparents that sends them a selection of articles, videos, and other content that they can share with their loved ones.

1 year ago

A startup that provides weekly financial planning and budgeting for young adults

1 year ago

A startup that helps users manage their "digital assets" including photos, music, text, and documents. The company says they already offer the ability to manage tasks, or "chores" in their app, which allows users to specify a daily or weekly routine, and the app tracks their progress. The company also offers a service that allows users to build "to-do lists" out of their digital assets.

11 months ago

"Idea" is a weekly feature on The Verge's technology podcast, The Vergecast. Every week, we ask a question about a company or a topic at the intersection of technology and culture. You can listen to previous episodes here . You can read more about the show at our dedicated hub . You can reach us at [email protected]

9 months ago

The Philadelphia Business Journal also has a weekly feature called "Philadelphia Startup Spotlight", which highlights Philly startups. It highlights the company's most recent news and trends, and interviews the CEO.

2 years ago

Idea: This startup is building a platform for people to have food delivered from restaurants that have closed for the day The company says it has 200 weekly users, and an average order size of $10

10 months ago

A bi-weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs and businesses, written by a former business journalist. The newsletter is free and comes out the first and 15th of every month.

7 months ago

A tool that allows teams to get a daily or weekly report on how their projects are progressing from the status of each team member using a simple web interface.

1 month ago

"Philadelphia Tech News" is a weekly digital newsletter that covers the startup scene in Philadelphia and the greater Delaware Valley. The newsletter is published every Wednesday at noon.

23 days ago

A single, unified search for all of your small business accounts, with a dashboard for daily/weekly/monthly activity.

19 days ago

A subscription-based app that sends a weekly email to your inbox with your billing information, invoice data, and offers to save money.

2 years ago

Idea: This company is building a personal finance management tool for women that includes a feature to help them plan for their next vacation The startup says it has 5,000 weekly users who have created more than 10,000 budgets

2 years ago

Idea: A startup for cleaning services The startup says it has 100 weekly users, with an average order size of $100