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by @levelsio

Innovation Startup Ideas

3 months ago

A startup that focuses on the skills and training companies need to build in-house innovation teams.

2 years ago

Sign up for a free trial of KPMG's Innovation Center.

2 years ago

An eco-friendly conference for startups, focused on innovation, sustainability and technology.

2 years ago

A health data platform aimed at hospitals. The startup wants to use the platform to bring innovation to the hospital industry.

2 years ago

A computer science & engineering company that makes software for automotive and robotics innovations.

3 years ago

In May 2018, TechCrunch ranked the top 50 innovation in Indonesia.

3 years ago

A Boston-based startup that wants to take on Slack. The startup is creating a full-fledged chat platform that they say can go head to head with Slack. The company, which has raised $2.5 million and has no product yet, is based in the city’s Innovation District.

1 year ago

Helps online retailers understand which products are hot, and which are not, with their innovation platform

1 year ago

Covers the entire cycle of innovation in an organization by starting with the idea, then prototyping, scaling, and then innovating again as the company grows.

11 months ago

A startup that builds data-driven product discovery and insight for businesses, pitching the product as “marketing-as-a-service” for its focus on product innovation.

3 years ago

Predicts and enables “data-driven innovation”. The company is looking at building a machine learning platform to help their customers find new ways to use analytics to make their businesses more profitable.

2 years ago

Philadelphia has a long history of technological innovation in the medical and engineering fields.

2 years ago

A startup that allows users to “apply to be on a team of people who solve enterprise problems and drive innovation and product development.”

2 years ago

Innovation in the US has become a flashpoint for the rest of the world. From its inception in 2010, the French government has invested in French Tech. In France, startups have received €4.5 billion in funding in recent years, according to INSEAD.

1 year ago

M.A.S. Innovation is a startup that helps small businesses conduct online research. The company has built a digital research platform that allows businesses to conduct their own online searches and access a variety of digital services, including Hint.

2 years ago

A startup that wants to create a “virtual cycle” for getting employees, students, and governments better benefits and services through “social innovation”.

1 year ago

“A platform that enables real time collaboration to drive innovation, efficiency and sustainability.”

1 year ago

On July 29, 2018, Y Combinator announced that it is working with the United States Department of Defense on a $120 million Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) grant. DIUx is a new unit within DoD that is focused on bringing together startups and the military to develop cutting-edge technologies that the military can adopt for use in the war and defense arenas.

2 years ago

A tech startup focused on improving the industry of tech and tech journalism and tech media. The organization aims to “promote tech as a force for good, and tech innovation as a key factor in improving people’s lives.”

9 months ago

Scentria is a startup that creates a scent for different environments, using chemicals to create smells for its products. The startup is funded by the likes of Google Ventures and Comcast’s Innovation Fund.

6 months ago

The company is building a new kind of user interface that is built around a concept called "pull-to-refresh". The idea is that you are able to pull down the keyboard to refresh the content and pull it back up to go back to the previous page. This is one of the biggest innovations in the startup space today.

4 months ago

Threadless is an online marketplace for T-shirts, with a focus on “hope, innovation, and independent artists.” It’s a direct-to-consumer effort that doesn’t have any advertising, but instead relies on an algorithm to match buyers and sellers.

5 months ago

ePlan is looking to be the alternative to the long-standing enterprise software market, which hasn’t seen much innovation since Oracle’s SPE software. ePlan wants to build the platform where a company’s HR and finance departments can collaborate on the same projects rather than compete.

5 months ago

In the past, the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics has run a number of initiatives to support startups in the city, including a grant program and a series of hackathons. Now the office has launched a pilot program to provide startups with a $2,000 grant to help them get off the ground. The program is run through the Mayor's Office of Innovation, and is specifically meant for startups that provide new or novel solutions to the city's biggest problems.

4 months ago

A company that sells kitchenware, including stoves and cookware, with an emphasis on innovation and materials.

3 years ago

Idea: A smart-home security system, combining video monitoring with an interactive voice-activated interface The startup raised $150,000 in a seed round led by Innovation Endeavors in September 2018

1 month ago

Bizgroup is a digital marketplace that helps companies build and scale their businesses. The company is one of the few to have started with a focus on the B2B side of the market, an area that has seen little innovation in the United States.

1 month ago

This is an “innovation platform” for people to design and build hardware products. So far, they’ve shipped over 300 products.

13 days ago

Innovation Center: A startup that allows people to share their stories about technology, design and innovation.

4 days ago

Ideas are created by Y Combinator alumni. Many of the ideas are specific to a company or industry, or are specific to a single city or country. The ideas are shared here to give an idea of the breadth of innovation being pursued by Y Combinator startups.