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by @levelsio

March Startup Ideas

2 years ago

This startup, which was founded in March, aims to make it easier to get and pay for health insurance. The startup’s goal is to save the US family health insurance market $300 billion.

2 years ago

A system that helps connect people across the world who are interested in doing freelance work, such as writing, editing, and design. The startup was founded in March and is looking to raise seed funding.

1 year ago

A startup that helps businesses manage their risk and compliance exposure with regulatory reporting. The company is currently in “batch”, with plans to launch on March 1, but has already signed up 10 clients.

2 years ago

A tool to help get the word out about an activist group’s actions, like a call to action or a march. The startup’s slogan is: “There’s more to activism than Facebook.”

2 years ago

In March 2017, Y Combinator moved its operations to the United Kingdom, becoming a British Limited Company.

2 years ago

A startup that launched in March 2019 that provides real-time fraud protection for transactions on Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

2 years ago

A tool for managing campaign budgets, tracking spending, and analyzing success. The startup was founded in March and raised $2.5 million from Y Combinator.

2 years ago

A startup for people to sell stuff, and a way to help the buyers and sellers find each other. A similar marketplace exists today called eCohort, which launched in March of 2019.

1 year ago

On March 6, 2018, the company announced the acquisition of Helix for an undisclosed amount.

1 year ago

A health insurance app which allows users to submit their medical claims and payment information with a couple of taps on their phone. The startup is a bit of an interesting case study for the healthcare sector. They launched in March and have over 1,000 customers already. They're profitable for the first time.

10 months ago

The startup, which was founded in March, is building a platform that helps users translate their spoken language into text.

1 year ago

A cloud-based service for connecting healthcare providers with their patients. The company launched in March and is part of the NYU health IT incubator.

1 year ago

A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.

1 year ago

A company that provides remote workers with a way to manage time-tracking via a chat interface. The startup, which has raised $12 million to date, has raised $13 million since launching in March.

1 year ago

A product designed for students and young professionals, where one can send a request for a meeting, and the other can respond with a time and place. The company was founded in March, and is working on a handful of deals in Silicon Valley for the product.

1 year ago

A B2B company that helps companies manage their ticket inventory. After being founded in March, the startup is already has raised $4.6 million in Series A funding.

5 months ago

A matchmaking app that lets you find people who need help with their hobbies, which is like a community of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Founded in March.

6 months ago

A platform that helps people manage media content and make money on it. The company, which was founded in March, is a marketplace of videos, images, and other digital media that are monetized by users.

1 year ago

A startup that aims to help people get more involved in their health by tracking their activity. Fitbit bought this startup in March of 2019.

1 year ago

The startup launched in March, and has since focused on getting its holistic health and wellness app into the hands of people in the U.S.. The startup is currently working with more than 100 health providers across the country.

7 months ago

After launching in March, the startup has already signed up 7,000 customers (from only 5,000 in the past month). A customer can top up a phone to 100% in just a few minutes. The company charges 50 cents a day and $1 a month for unlimited recharges.

9 months ago

A SaaS platform that helps real estate agents manage their clients’ loan applications. The company claims to have at least 1,000 users after launching in March.

11 months ago

 This startup launched in March in the UK and is planning to expand to the US. The company is building a phone app that connects people to someone who can perform home inspections for them, and is currently running a pilot in the UK.

4 months ago

In March 2019, Mint gave the startup a $1M seed round to build the platform.

2 months ago

In March, the Brazilian government passed a new law requiring companies to store data on servers in the country.

2 months ago

A food delivery app for Lyft drivers in the US that is focused on curbside ordering and deliveries. The startup was founded in March, and will begin operations in May.

5 months ago

The 2018 edition of the event took place on March 16, 2018, in Austin, Texas.

2 years ago

Idea: A B2B company that helps banks and insurance companies clean up their data The startup launched in March 2019 and has already made $2,500 in recurring revenue