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by @levelsio

Unified Startup Ideas

1 year ago

The company provides a single, unified interface for customers to access their data and resources, plus a suite of APIs that allow third-party developers to integrate their services into

2 years ago

A software company that helps publishers and e-commerce sites manage all their content in a single, unified system.

2 years ago

This startup helps employees gain access to their employer’s network and resources without logging in. It’s an employee portal that connects to the company’s own servers to provide a unified sign-on.

2 years ago

A digital technology platform that helps companies build and manage a single, unified customer database for customer relationship management. The company combines the best features of CRM software with the functionality of a customer relationship management platform.

2 years ago

This startup is building tools to enable communication between teams and individuals across companies, using a unified interface.

2 years ago

 A tool that builds a single, unified business profile for an employee. It allows companies to track the employee’s business performance, conduct employee reviews, and pay them for their time, without the need to manage each business individually.

2 years ago

An open source software platform that helps companies manage their customer risk data through a unified and central platform

2 years ago

A “new, modern approach to commerce” that aims to serve the needs of B2B companies by giving them a single, unified interface to manage all their sales and marketing. They’re focused on helping B2B companies improve their sales and marketing, and currently have clients in the financial services space.

2 years ago

A unified file system for businesses to collaborate.

2 years ago

A single source of financial records for a company's employees, providing one unified way to view all their financial information and transactions.

1 year ago

A company that aims to create a unified market for global enterprises to buy and sell global inventory. The startup is taking a basic model of eBay for sourcing global products and turning them into a full-service marketplace.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create a unified messaging platform for every device in a person’s life.

1 year ago

A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.

1 year ago

A video conference system that’s “a complete, unified communication and collaboration platform that allows companies to securely connect, share and present video, even if an individual is miles away”.

1 year ago

A company that’s building a “worldwide”, “unified” payments system for the oil and gas industry.

1 year ago

The company is building the first unified real estate listing management platform.

1 year ago

A shopping app that shows the best deals from the entire internet as a single, unified product.

1 year ago

A group messaging platform for professionals, which uses a native iOS and Android app and a web site to enable messaging, file sharing, and a unified inbox.

1 year ago

They’re building a new app that integrates with the company’s existing software to allow users to place orders and track shipments through a unified interface. The company says they’ve already built the app and are in the process of getting it out to customers.

1 year ago

This is a tool to help restaurant cooks manage their recipes better, through a unified recipe book that combines all of their existing recipes across different platforms.

10 months ago

This security startup is building a unified facial recognition system that works across multiple cameras and can be built into software, hardware, or even the cloud.

1 year ago

A mobile app that integrates with a company’s legacy systems to help create a unified customer experience.

8 months ago

A tool that helps companies track the performance of their marketing campaigns, and helps create a unified view of performance across all channels.

11 months ago

A platform that helps groups of people find the right mentors, streamline team management, and create a single unified team.

1 month ago

A company that connects employers with their employees through a unified messaging platform.

8 months ago

Cloud-native messaging platform, aiming to provide a unified architecture across different platforms and messaging apps, as well as unified encryption.

5 months ago

An engineering tool for companies with lots of devices, with a focus on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. That means the tool is used to control devices that are connected in a very similar way. It’s a type of IoT technology that allows devices to work together.

3 months ago

A startup that wants to provide a more unified experience for using Slack, a popular chat app. It wants to take this message board-like service one step further by integrating with other services like Trello and Asana.

16 days ago

The company behind this tool is working to help small retailers around the world get a unified view of their inventory and shipping.