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by @levelsio

Niche Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A fake account that updates you on trending topics and stories that others are talking about, but are too boring or too niche to actually care about.

2 years ago

A platform that connects people looking to buy and sell goods and services for a commission. It’s similar to Groupon, but focused on more niche products and services.

2 years ago

This is a business-to-business marketplace where you can sell niche products.

2 years ago

A startup that helps people buy and sell things locally through the app. Pricy is hoping to compete with services like Carousell and OLX, which have been operating in the same niche for years.

2 years ago

A tool that helps brands looking to engage with influencers. The company claims to be able to find influencers in any niche, bringing them into a social network.

1 year ago

A platform to help users find jobs around town and in their niche, which includes a marketplace for hiring.

1 year ago

This startup wants to create a job board that focuses on niche industries.

2 years ago

A startup that wants to build a platform for niche communities to share content, from video to photos.

1 year ago

A software-as-a-service company that helps B2B companies automate and secure their supply chains, a niche the founders say is worth $50 billion.

1 year ago

A resource for finding great, niche products for musicians and music lovers.

1 year ago

A company that helps people find apartments. The company claims that the average cost to find a rental is just a fraction of a percent of monthly rent, and has found that it’s more effective to have a niche niche of renters rather than trying to convince all of the town’s renters to become landlords.

1 year ago

A “human-powered” platform that connects users with other people in their niche-of-interest. The idea is that each user has an “agent” who will help them find other people in the same area or have similar interests.

1 year ago

Niche dating site for people who are looking for a partner in the U.S. but don’t have access to a lot of the basic services (like Facebook, email, and photo sharing.)

4 months ago

The company’s first product is a web-based platform for buying and selling long-tail items. The startup is experimenting with buying and selling niche products, like a bean-bag chair for the “ultimate relaxation experience”.

1 year ago

A startup that works with brands to raise awareness about products that are out of stock, or from niche brands that are hard to find.

10 months ago

A startup that uses algorithms to identify the most promising niches to target and serve highly-targeted ads to them.

1 year ago

A company that helps developers get their apps into the Apple App Store. The startup is a marketplace for “apps that are too specific or too niche to go through the regular process” and helps developers get their app approved in about 10 days.

3 months ago

The team behind the former Twilio and Imgur wants to build developing mobile apps and services in a very different way than other startups. Their product targets a niche audience and has an annual recurring revenue (ARR) model.

1 year ago

A niche search engine that uses Google’s own data to discover the answer to your question

9 months ago

A piece of content-marketing software for publishers to buy and sell ads. As a niche player in the space, the startup has to compete with the likes of the Google DoubleClick AdExchange and Facebook Ads Manager.

2 months ago

A platform that helps small businesses sell more online by connecting them with influencers in their niche. It’s currently in a beta test with over 500 companies.

1 year ago

A niche product for having a hard time sleeping due to snoring or other sleep issues, Sleepio is a smartphone app which uses an algorithm to give real-time feedback on how well you sleep, and then sends you targeted advice to help you improve your sleep.

1 year ago

A niche mobile payment system for small businesses.

2 years ago

Idea: A startup for hand-made products. The startup is looking to disrupt the marketplace business by focusing on a niche of handmade goods. The startup claims it can make handmade goods more profitable for producers and more affordable for consumers.

21 days ago

A company that helps software developers create mobile apps for other platforms, but for a more niche market of companies that can’t afford to hire a programmer. They want to be a “software as a service” company that helps companies build, test, and launch mobile apps in a few months.

2 years ago

Idea: A startup that sells and ships cereal to customers. The startup wants to tap into an underserved niche of customers who want cereal that’s not available in stores.