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by @levelsio

Encrypted Startup Ideas

7 months ago

A lightweight, secure, and encrypted VPN that works over cellular data and Wi-Fi.

2 years ago

Building a chat interface that relays data over a secure encrypted channel, so that people can chat and share files securely, and also build a platform for developers to build their own encrypted messaging apps.

2 years ago

This startup is building a free, secure, and encrypted messaging platform with end-to-end encryption.

2 years ago

An encrypted messaging app, “built for the public sphere”

2 years ago

This startup is building a messaging app that’s encrypted and searchable by insiders only.

1 year ago

This startup is building an encrypted, decentralized, and community-driven marketplace for buying and selling drugs.

1 year ago

 A decentralized encrypted messaging platform for the world’s 2.4 billion unconnected citizens. Decent has built a messaging app that uses its own cryptocurrency, BitShare, as the medium.

6 months ago

A secure, encrypted messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate and collaborate securely.

1 year ago

A startup that lets consumers and businesses create their own private, encrypted email addresses.

1 year ago

A startup that helps companies send out encrypted emails to employees, and their families, that only employees can read and employees can only see them.

1 year ago

Startup that wants to create a platform that would allow people to create an “anonymously encrypted blog” for their friends, family, and co-workers.

1 year ago

A startup that is creating a free, encrypted messaging app for journalists and human rights workers who need to communicate while under threat.

1 year ago

A secure, encrypted platform for file sharing in the workplace and outside of it.

13 days ago

A super-lightweight (and secure) messenger app, making it easier for users to send and receive encrypted messages.

10 months ago

A startup that wants to create a secure messaging app that’s based on blockchain. The app works in a similar manner to Telegram and iMessage, but with a twist: users can easily send encrypted messages to anyone without having to download the app.

7 months ago

A company that helps users convert their encrypted messages into text messages and emails.

1 year ago

This company is building a platform for people to message, chat, and share content with each other in a private, secure, and encrypted group chat.

6 months ago

A new way to fill out forms, with a drag-and-drop UI, allowing you to create quick forms with pre-populated fields and fill them out in a secure, encrypted way.

9 months ago

This startup is creating a digital life preserver for small businesses that is a free, encrypted way for the business to communicate with their customers.

9 months ago

A private chat app for groups that allows for encrypted group chats with shared access to files, photos and other media

7 months ago

A startup that’s working on a way to connect health insurance with digital records in a secure, encrypted way.

1 year ago

A tool for users to communicate with each other without the need for a public forum or a message board. It’s a website where users can share a file and a message, and the messages are encrypted and deleted from the system after they have been read.

8 months ago

A secure, encrypted store that allows users to sell their old smartphones through a mobile app, and then get a cut of the cash.

1 month ago

A secure, encrypted chat tool that helps people find jobs, run their businesses, and organize their finances.

1 month ago

A company that provides a platform for telecommuting and remote workers, allowing them to remotely access their computers and other devices using an encrypted VPN connection.