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by @levelsio

Retention Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A way to help human resources departments get a better picture of how workers are doing and whether they are happy in their jobs. The startup is looking to help HR departments with new tools to reduce turnover and better focus on employee retention.

1 year ago

This company wants to help businesses with employee engagement. The company wants to help companies with digital HR, specifically with recruiting, onboarding, and retention.

1 year ago

This startup helps users of their service keep track of their prescriptions and keep track of their pill tracking. The startup currently has a 10% retention rate, and one customer from Taiwan is paying them $6,500 per month.

1 year ago

A startup that lets you manage your data access and retention to make sure that you can still access your data when companies go out of business.

1 year ago

An agency that helps organizations “build agile teams, identify and craft the right growth strategy, and build the right retention and customer experience programs.”

1 year ago

A customer retention platform for restaurants, meant to help restaurants close deals with repeat customers.

1 year ago

This company’s founders were previously in the gaming industry, and want to help make that industry more inclusive. The startup is building a platform to help game developers with user acquisition and retention by building in features for “people of color, women, and LGBTQ people.”

1 year ago

A a service that helps companies woo new hires with perks. The company claims to have 30% to 40% retention rates with its first job.

1 year ago

A tech company focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs increase retention of new hires through a data-driven approach.

1 year ago

A tool for finding out how many people have downloaded your app, and how many have used it in the past week. The founders say that it’s been integrated into 75 different apps, and that they’ve seen a 20% increase in user retention and engagement once they started using it, with a 50% increase in revenue.

1 year ago

B2B support platform that charges customers between $5 and $25 to handle their customer retention/customer service.

1 year ago

A digital agency that helps clients optimize their customer acquisition and retention through a combination of data, analytics, and behavioral science.

1 year ago

A digital marketing agency that wants to solve the problem of customer retention.

1 year ago

The startup is using machine learning to predict customer retention.

11 months ago

A software platform that helps companies manage the customer data and retention process. The startup says it’s been customer-funded for 2 years and raised seed funding for another 6 months.

10 months ago

Helping merchants automate their marketing. They use machine learning to create triggers for email campaigns, customer retention, and sales.

3 months ago

This is a startup that wants to help corporations replace traditional HR software with a single platform that can handle recruitment, onboarding and retention.

7 months ago

A software company that creates software that helps companies adjust to the changing landscape of the workplace. They do this by working with companies to build out their hiring and retention strategies.

1 month ago

A platform for customer retention and loyalty programs. Currently the company has 11 employees.

5 months ago

A startup that helps companies with talent acquisition and retention. The company employs a “holistic” approach to recruiting and retention, with tools for companies to evaluate candidates, share a common language and culture, and establish a graduated hierarchy for managers.

4 months ago

A company that works with large corporations to help them build apps that help with customer service and retention. They work with companies like AT&T and Xerox.

4 months ago

An AI that helps businesses monitor and analyze customer service, in order to improve customer retention and retention rates.

1 month ago

Coffee-based employee retention app that allows companies to offer perks like unlimited free coffee, free food, free drinks, and free snacks.

1 month ago

Microlearning is a platform that aims to help organizations increase retention and employee engagement by enabling them to place video training inside their workflows.

1 year ago

Idea: A tool for posting job openings in the local classifieds section of local newspapers. The startup has been used for over 1,200 job postings and says it has a retention rate of over 90%.

1 year ago

xtractor is a platform for helping publishers convert their subscriptions into recurring revenue, which is often more profitable. xtractor’s pitch is hyperfocused on their customers’ business needs, like improving reader retention and increasing subscription and recurring revenue.