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by @levelsio

February Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A group of four co-founders who launched the software for digital assistants in February, who then later launched a hardware startup.

3 years ago

The company is looking to raise a round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The round is expected to close in February 2019.

3 years ago

 A mobile app that helps men find their soulmates  that has been downloaded by 9,000 people since its launch in February.

3 years ago

A startup that helps companies replace traditional human customer service with a chat bot. The startup has been in beta since February.

3 years ago

A startup whose product is a service that "lets users create an avatar for their email addresses It then uses that avatar to send email" The startup launched in October 2018 and received a seed round of $17M in February 2019

3 years ago

A tool that can build an inventory for a company’s product, or an E-commerce site for a product. The startup says it already has $2,000,000 in sales per month after launching in February.

3 years ago

The accelerator is based in New York's Brooklyn neighborhood, and was founded in February 2015. It is sponsored by MasterCard, and has attracted companies from around the world, including Colombia, Kazakhstan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

3 years ago

A company that makes business software for small businesses. In February 2017, Infusionsoft closed a Series B funding round led by Greylock Partners that raises the company’s valuation to $200 million.

3 years ago

America’s digital magazine is a digital magazine that is central to its mission is to cover the changing landscape of the media industry, and how technology is affecting it. Since February 2014, it has published a new issue every other Thursday and has a print-on-demand model, so subscribers receive their copy directly.

1 year ago

In February 2018, Clearbit was acquired for an undisclosed amount.

3 years ago

An AI-based solution for managing customer service, with plans to launch in February.

2 years ago

In October 2017, AdExchanger ranked them as the #7 ad tech company to watch, and as of February 2018, they were ranked as one of the top 50 ad tech companies. In July 2017, they won the Red Herring Europe Award in the Enterprise Solutions category.

9 months ago

A startup that helps travelers to find the best and cheapest flight options. Started in February of 2019 and is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2 years ago

The startups pitched in the final batch of the accelerator program in February 2018.

6 months ago

A platform that keeps track of your expenses for you. TrackIt is a SaaS that provides a dashboard with integrated expense reporting, expense tracking and expense analysis. The startup was founded in February.

4 months ago

The companies selected for the Y Combinator Winter 2019 class were announced on February 6th, 2019.

1 year ago

The startup helps publishers make their ads more effective by allowing them to target consumers by product, location, and lifestyle. The startup is based on a system they built for their own use, and is launching an open beta in February of 2019.

1 year ago

This year’s shortlist was announced in February at the annual Demo Day in New Delhi, where startups pitch their ideas to investors.

2 years ago

A “cloud-based platform” allowing companies to “streamline their feedback loops”. This is a relatively new startup, having only launched in February of 2019.

1 year ago

A company that sells a “social currency” for things like sharing, likes, and follows. It is already working with a few large companies to help reward their employees for their work. As of February, the startup was looking to raise its Series A round, as well as continue to raise money to build out its platform.

1 year ago

As of 2017, China’s biggest internet companies are Tencent, WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu. These companies have all been spending heavily on Facebook and Instagram ads, which have grown rapidly in the region. For example, WeChat spent $6.5 billion on ads in 2018 and Baidu spent $3.6 billion. Top global brands are also spending heavily on Chinese social media. For example, Coca-Cola has spent $2.2 billion on WeChat ads since February 2018.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to create a platform to help chefs monetize their skills by using them to create on-demand meals for customers. The startup, which was founded in February, is working on a platform that connects chefs with customers, who can then choose to pay for meals with cash or through a credit card.

8 months ago

 A company that helps medical students and physicians collaborate and share their documents, built as a tool to help medical students and physicians work more efficiently. The company, which was founded in February, is working on a mobile application.

11 months ago

This is a text editor that works with pictures. The app, which was founded in February, aims to replace the traditional text editor and provide more flexibility for users.

1 year ago

A startup that has been in stealth mode since February and has just now launched their beta version. It’s a piece of software that helps teams build and scale predictive models using machine learning.

1 year ago

Startup that provides a platform to help companies identify and correct racially biased hiring practices, and a tool to help companies avoid them. The company, which launched in February of 2019, was founded by the chief diversity officer of Barclays.

1 year ago

The startup, which was founded in February, wants to help businesses get their products onto Amazon’s home delivery network. The company is currently in the midst of a $1.2 million seed round.

10 days ago

Formed in February, this startup is building an on-demand platform for news, with a focus on niche markets.

5 months ago

A cloud-based platform that helps photographers, interior designers and other creative professionals collaborate in real time. It is a new platform from a company that has been in business for 18 years. Founded in February, it already works with more than 15 top creative professionals in New York City and plans to open for business in the third quarter.

2 months ago

In February 2018 the startup launched a website that lets users submit a request for a lawyer without having to intervene. Lawyers can accept the case with no obligation.

1 month ago


4 months ago

A platform for selling certified organic foods that are certified by third parties, including the USDA. The company, founded in December 2017, is ramping up to launch in February 2019.

7 days ago

An open source project for building a personal chef, launched by Y Combinator in February 2018.