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by @levelsio

Healthier Startup Ideas

2 years ago

In addition to making new sodas, this startup is looking to take on the soda industry as a whole by introducing healthier alternatives to soda, such as carbonated teas and fruit-flavored water.

1 year ago

A startup that helps people stay motivated to stay off social media (like Facebook) for healthier lives. The startup has worked with over 1,000 customers, with over 1,500 employees using their product.

2 years ago

A startup that sells a monthly box of organic produce to people who want to eat healthier

2 years ago

A startup that helps the millions of people who have a food allergy or are just looking for healthier options prepare meals easily.

2 years ago

A new way of paying for groceries using a credit card, with the goal of helping people make healthier, more affordable choices.

2 years ago

A company that helps people live longer, healthier lives by providing health tech to doctors. The startup’s founders say they’ve already raised $7.5 million, with plans to launch in early 2018.

1 year ago

This startup asks the question: “What if you could make your kitchen more efficient” If you want to save money on electricity, the company says, you could make your kitchen more efficient, cut down on your food waste, save time, and eat healthier.

2 years ago

A startup that works with farmers to make meat that’s healthier for the planet and less bad for people

2 years ago

Humanized AI, a website that walks you through how to change your habits for a healthier lifestyle.

2 years ago

A digital health company building a lifestyle product to help people create a healthier lifestyle.

1 year ago

A “guilt-free meal delivery service for people who want to eat healthier but struggle to make time for cooking”.

1 year ago

A technology that helps people shop and eat healthier by offering personalized recommendations based on their health history.

1 year ago

 A subscription-based service that provides fake fake recipes to help people cook healthier meals. The startup says it can help people make 300-400 meals with these fake recipes, compared to the 10-15 meals they’d make in the normal course of their day.

1 year ago

A company building a $10,000 smart kitchen device that can track and measure food production, helping people get to know the nutritional value of their food, and making it easier to cook healthier food.

5 months ago

A US-based startup that sells products that help you cook healthier.

1 year ago

A small startup that’s trying to make everyone’s meal a little bit healthier.

1 year ago

A startup that wants nothing more than to help consumers get their hands on a healthier, more sustainable, more convenient alternative to bottled water.

1 year ago

A startup looking to create a new kind of light bulb, which it says will help transform the home into a more efficient and healthier place to live.

1 year ago

Free daily newsletters with actionable information to help users live better and be healthier.

4 months ago

Who doesn’t want to eat healthier The startup is developing a way to make food delivery more convenient, so you can have your meal from a healthy food source with a healthy side dish delivered to you.

1 year ago

A company that makes stuff for people to wear that are healthier, more stylish, more durable, and more comfortable than the current crop of options.

1 year ago

A mobile health company that wants to use data to help customers live healthier lives. The startup is working to develop a mobile health platform that allows people to track and analyze their health data, with the goal of helping people live healthier lives.

10 months ago

Helps consumers better understand their food, helping them pick out healthier options by analyzing nutrition data and providing nutrition information through easy-to-use tools.

1 year ago

A mobile app that helps users make healthier food choices by providing a basic food nutritional value guide and suggested meal options.

1 year ago

A health startup that’s working on a way to get people to be healthier by making exercise less painful.

8 months ago

A platform that helps people monitor their health and fitness. The company wants to make the world a healthier place.

5 days ago

A mobile app that helps you make healthier decisions, such as eating more veggies, exercising more, and controlling your weight.

26 days ago

A fitness startup focused on pairing gym members with registered dietitians, who can help clients make healthier meal choices.

8 months ago

WeWork is the largest shared workspace company in the world, with over $6 billion in funding and over 2 million members. WeWork wants to offer its members a range of services like gyms, cafes, and other add-ons that can help their members live healthier and happier lives.

2 years ago

Idea: This company has created a coffee substitute made from cassava root. It’s designed to be a water-soluble powder, and aims to be a healthier alternative to sugar-laden coffee.

1 month ago

An online marketplace that helps low-income families buy healthier food. The startup aims to reduce childhood obesity by offering meal plans to poor families and offering to provide cooking classes.