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by @levelsio

Negotiate Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A company that’s building an app that helps people negotiate better deals with their employers.

1 year ago

A chatbot that helps parents save money by helping them negotiate deals with companies

1 year ago

A startup that helps legal professionals draft and negotiate business contracts and deals.

1 year ago

A startup that connects real estate agents with renters, helping them negotiate and manage energy contracts and payments.

1 year ago

A startup that helps corporations collaborate with small businesses on their products. It helps companies identify and get to know potential partners, then helps them negotiate deals and move toward production.

1 year ago

A platform that allows for distributed teams to negotiate, ensure a project is on time and on budget, and track progress. They’re working on a cloud-based solution with a feature set that includes project management, time and labor tracking, and collaboration.

1 year ago

A startup that helps companies learn about the best technology for their business, and then negotiates the best rates for their clients.

1 year ago

A platform where used car buyers can find, communicate, and negotiate deals with sellers.

1 year ago

This real estate startup helps buyers and Sellers negotiate properties with a series of automated videos and text messages. It also takes a commission for each sale.

1 year ago

A startup that connects retailers to the right supplier by monitoring the daily cost of raw materials, and then helping the retailer to negotiate a better deal.

1 year ago

An AI-powered chatbot that helps you negotiate the best deal on a car loan.

1 year ago

A company that allows you to find, and negotiate, the best price for a parking space.

9 months ago

Helping homebuyers locate the perfect home, and helping buyers work with builders to negotiate the best deals on new construction.

9 months ago

Smart contracts for the energy industry. The startup wants to use smart contracts to allow energy producers and consumers to negotiate and transact energy independently of the power grid.

11 months ago

A platform for home service workers, connecting them with customers while helping them negotiate and find work. The startup is based in the U.S. and works in urban areas.

11 months ago

A B2B company that helps companies take advantage of their collective buying power to negotiate better prices.

4 months ago

A real estate site that provides a messaging platform and search tools to help agents find new clients and then negotiate deals with them.

9 months ago

Software that helps auto dealers negotiate with manufacturers and stores

3 months ago

A platform for labor unions and workers to negotiate with management.

6 months ago

A self-service platform that aims to help businesses negotiate insurance costs.

7 months ago

This startup is building a software platform for companies to manage customer support in their apps, helping them to answer incoming support requests, negotiate with agents to resolve problems in real-time, and chat with customers.

19 days ago

A startup that helps homebuyers track down previous owners and negotiate to buy a home.

2 months ago

A company that builds products to help farmers to negotiate better deals for themselves with their suppliers. The company is currently in the midst of an $8 million seed round after launching in May 2019.

8 months ago

An on-demand concierge service for real estate. The startup, which was founded in May, is building a platform that will help buyers and sellers in the US negotiate or manage their real estate transactions online.

4 months ago

The startup is building a tool to help small businesses hire local contractors. It’s designed to automatically negotiate prices with contractors. The idea is that if you’re a contractor that needs to do a job in Tampa, you don’t want to drive to Jacksonville to get a bid, and if a company in Tampa needs to do a job, they don’t want to drive to Jacksonville to get a bid.

1 month ago

Data from nearly 200 million credit cards and 15,000 retailers show that B2B companies often pay more than twice as much as they should for basic services. The startup is building a tool to make it easier for companies to negotiate better terms with providers.

10 days ago

A startup that helps Russian companies in the manufacturing industry source materials and negotiate deals.

19 days ago

This startup is building software to help companies sell their unused (and often untendered) real estate. The startup claims to have negotiated nearly $50M in deals in the past three years.

1 year ago

Idea: A startup that helps companies with real estate, office space, and commercial rentals The company helps businesses find office space and negotiate with landlords