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by @levelsio

Gaming Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A startup that is looking to build a new type of gaming platform that will provide a more social experience for gamers.

2 years ago

The company is building a “game-ified” way for advertisers to target game-players. It hopes to use this game-oriented targeting to draw more eyeballs to gaming.

2 years ago

A platform where users can create virtual islands for multiplayer gaming. It launched in 2014, with the founders saying that it’s on track to reach $1.5 million in annual revenue.

2 years ago

This is an article about the idea that mobile gaming is a waste of time

2 years ago

This company’s founders were previously in the gaming industry, and want to help make that industry more inclusive. The startup is building a platform to help game developers with user acquisition and retention by building in features for “people of color, women, and LGBTQ people.”

2 years ago

PlayIt is building a platform for streaming, gaming, and esports events, it’s a platform that allows users to create and manage tournaments in real time.

2 years ago

A platform for helping people design and build virtual reality experiences. The startup is focusing on the gaming side, but says they’re open to partnering with other verticals as well.

2 years ago

A gaming platform that connects developers and gamers. It’s a community-driven platform that connects gamers to developers.

2 years ago

A gaming and entertainment company that builds audio and video streaming MMORPGs for connected devices.

2 years ago

A location-based mobile gaming platform that partners with cities to hold gaming tournaments and earn revenue from in-app purchases.

2 years ago

Image-based gaming that’s “a big, open world role playing game experience” that lets you explore and interact with other players.

1 year ago

A social network for college students with over 20k students currently enrolled. Its founders are looking to build a student-focused influencer platform that’s optimized for mobile, with a focus on gaming and video content.

2 years ago

A new version of an online virtual-reality gaming platform that launched a year ago.

1 year ago

Team managing the creation of a digital version of a physical game. Started as a team working on video games, it now has a mobile game in production, with the goal of using the startup’s technology to expand into a broader gaming experience.

16 days ago

A developer of VR and AR apps for gamers, who believe that “gaming is a gateway for entertainment and social interaction.”

1 year ago

This company is constructing a virtual reality gaming platform for users to play games together in a virtual world.

1 year ago

A tool that helps create and manage gaming and esports teams.

1 year ago

A mobile app for interactive gaming

1 year ago

A startup that helps people build virtual reality experiences and help create immersive experiences for brands. Notable for its location-based VR hardware for gaming and entertainment, the company is building a virtual reality platform for malls and shopping centers.

3 months ago

A spinoff from the now-defunct cloud-based gaming service Chuggaaconroy. This startup-turned-company is now building a platform for social media influencers to sell advertising on their Instagram and YouTube channels.

1 year ago

In this partnership, the startup will create a “pay-to-play” service, which will enable users to pay for online gaming and other entertainment without having to play the games themselves. The startup will then gain access to the user’s data.

11 months ago

This company’s strategy is to help the gaming community build and manage social communities, with a focus on improving the gaming experience. Gamers want to connect with other gamers while they’re playing and also want to share their gaming experience.

10 months ago

A freelancer platform for the film, gaming, and advertising industries.

10 months ago

A startup focused on the development of mobile apps, with an emphasis on gaming.

11 months ago

A video sharing platform focused on the video gaming community. Gamers use their mobile devices to upload their gameplay and create a community of like-minded people.

7 months ago

A content delivery network that’s built for gaming, and speeds up game downloads by 9x.

4 months ago

A startup that wants to bring the power of VR games to non-gaming situations, like holding fashion shows.

5 months ago

This startup is building a full-stack, enterprise-grade software platform for gaming that can be embedded into other businesses. Reasons for this include the growing e-sports market and the fact that there are now more than 1.5 million gamers, with a projected growth rate of 50% a year.

1 month ago

WeChat is a messaging app popular in China that’s being developed by a company that’s not even based in China, instead choosing to base itself in Hong Kong. The app is similar to Whatsapp, but with a focus on shopping and gaming.

2 months ago

A collectible card gaming platform for mobile.