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by @levelsio

Clinical Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A “smart storage solution for doctors” that brings together a doctor’s clinical data and their patient’s medical records.

2 years ago

Working with healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies, Aptara is providing a platform to help hospitals optimize the clinical processes they use across a range of different technologies.

3 years ago

A company that provides apps for the healthcare industry, to help doctors and nurses be more efficient. The platform includes apps like digital medical records, electronic health records, patient education, and clinical documentation.

3 years ago

A platform for research collaboration between researchers and companies doing clinical trials. It's meant to be an easier way for companies to find clinical trial sites and researchers to find clinical trials to participate in.

2 years ago

A startup that’s building a platform for drug discovery companies to more easily interact with clinical trial sites.

3 years ago

A device that connects to an existing spectrometer for blood analysis. The device is ready to be used in clinical trials, and has already been approved by the FDA.

3 years ago

A company that is building a “digital proof of concept” for the drug industry. The company is developing a platform that will allow pharmaceutical companies to test the safety of their clinical trial drugs and track the performance of their products, data that would be of great value to the FDA.

2 years ago

A platform for medical professionals that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to help them make better clinical decisions.

2 years ago

A software company that helps healthcare providers organize and manage clinical trials. The startup has raised over $1.4 million to date.

2 years ago

A new way to store clinical and research data that’s fast, safe, and secure.

2 years ago

A company that helps medical students find clinical trials.

1 year ago

A startup to help people get a mental health checkup by a clinical psychologist after a significant life event, such as a breakup.

1 year ago

This startup tries to help the pharmaceutical industry with the integration of new technologies into clinical trials.

3 years ago

Idea: A startup that is building a solution to address the need for early-stage investment in the medical device industry The company wants to help hardware startups run more efficient clinical trials

1 year ago

A platform to certify medical professionals and provide them with clinical tools to support their work.

1 month ago

A startup that aims to use a technology called "Dissociative Inhibition" to turn AI into a tool to help cure psychological disorders. The technology is currently in a clinical trial.

2 years ago

A “smart” contact lens that tracks glucose levels in real time, sending alerts to users’ smartphones. It’s currently in the clinical trial phase, but the founders are working on a commercial version that will be released in 2020.

1 year ago

A startup targeting medical professionals with a solution to a common problem: managing the vast amounts of clinical data patients generate.

1 year ago

A health startup focused on combining the power of data science with the data of patients to help build better healthcare products. They are building a platform to help doctors with the construction of clinical decision support tools.

3 months ago

This startup wants to make hospitals more efficient and reduce waste by providing a platform for doctors to share medical records and facilitating clinical workflows.

7 months ago

A startup that wants to help doctors with their clinical trials by using software to automate the clinical data-entry process.

1 year ago

A health data platform that connects healthcare providers, pharmacies, and insurance companies to gather clinical data, analyze it, and share it in a secure environment.

1 year ago

A medical device that makes a doughnut-shaped balloon around a person’s finger, helping to prevent blood clots. The device is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials.

6 months ago

A healthcare startup that wants to help biotech companies test new drug combinations in mice, instead of relying on elite clinical trials. The startup uses 2D and 3D cell cultures to test the effects of possible drug combinations on the mice.

4 months ago

A startup that takes the power and reliability of clinical trials to the next level by making them available online, in real time, and to a global audience.

9 months ago

This startup is building an AI algorithm that makes it easy for doctors to engage with patients and trigger conversations around clinical problems.

11 months ago

This SaaS platform for healthcare companies includes a feature for doctors to log clinical notes, as well as a patient portal.

1 month ago

A startup that’s working to make the process of delivering care more efficient, by automating processes like booking patients, managing clinical notes and sharing information.

10 months ago

Crowdfunding platform for medical research. The company is building the first company-in-a-box or “CIBO” — a company that undertakes clinical trials, offers regulatory and financial support, manages clinical data and patient outcomes, and manages payments and compliance.

5 months ago

A research tool for clinical trials that’s supposed to make it easier for scientists to identify and analyze data from clinical trials. They build AI to do it.

21 days ago

A health insurance startup that aims to help people find doctors that have participated in clinical trials

3 years ago

Idea: Software for logging and analyzing clinical trials