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by @levelsio

Background Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A “self-learning” bot that changes the color of the background of your Facebook profile pic based on your mood.

2 years ago

This startup is building an artificial intelligence-based platform for hiring, where customers can create a job description and AI will do the background check, find the best candidate, and schedule an interview.

1 year ago

A company that helps match people who have the same taste, background, and interests to make it easier to find collaborators, whether it’s for a band or a new home.

2 years ago

A mobile application that takes care of all the background tasks of running a business. It allows you to focus on making your business more efficient.

2 years ago

In the summer of 2016, the Y Combinator Summer School launched a $100,000 scholarship for students who attend the program. The scholarship is awarded to graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds.

2 years ago

A startup that provides a service for people to get their resumes reviewed by someone who has a background in HR

1 year ago

A startup that lets people in the US upload their resumes to a centralized platform, allowing the hiring managers to search for candidates and see their backgrounds.

2 years ago

A startup that lets you create videos and images with text in the background in real-time to create what’s called a "Voxel" — an image with a 3D representation of a text sentence.

1 year ago

A startup that’s building a system that lets users find out more about the background of the influencers they follow on social media.

1 year ago

A platform for identifying “problems” with your photos. The company has built an algorithm that identifies things like “your face looks too small” or “your background looks weird in this photo”.

1 year ago

A payment platform that allows users to make payments without constantly having to pull out their phones. It’s meant to allow payments to happen in the background and utilize location data to make sure the person paying the bill can’t pay it twice.

1 year ago

A health insurance company that covers “no-care” expenses for patients with chronic illness. Keeps health premiums low by covering expenses like dental and vision, with a background check.

2 years ago

A company that powers the chat experience in messaging apps. It allows users to completely customize the appearance and behavior of their chats, especially with respect to things like changing background colors and fonts.

1 year ago

A startup that helps recruiters find candidates with the right experience and background.

1 year ago

Nextbit wants to deliver Android in a way that lets you take your phone with you everywhere. It cuts down on background apps and syncs only the apps that you want to use with your phone. Available on Android and iOS.

1 year ago

A startup designed for real estate agents to help customers find the right home, with real estate agents in the background.

11 months ago

A platform that connects freelance developers with clients. Customers are able to upload their code snippets, and designers are able to login to review code, set budgets, and see the background of the developer.

1 year ago

 A platform like Uber, but for the gig economy. The startup is a background screening and background check service for employees.

1 year ago

The startup helps recruiters from different backgrounds find the right talent to fill a job. It currently has a $1.3 million seed round, and is looking to scale after a recent push.

1 year ago

This startup is building a new way to allow mobile browsers to work in the background.

1 year ago

A “one-stop shop for credit” that aims to help people from underbanked backgrounds to get access to credit. The startup is currently in talks with banks and credit unions to work out a partnership.

1 year ago

This startup is building a platform for companies to recruit engineers with backgrounds in data science, machine learning, and deep learning.

1 year ago

A company that aims to help companies make smart decisions about the people and projects they hire. Talent teams can use the company’s SaaS tool to find people with similar backgrounds, track their progress, and see what needs to be done to help them work effectively.

1 year ago

Voice-activated home and car security devices that run in the background and alert you if there is an issue.

5 months ago

A platform for small businesses to create a custom email address for their customers. A customer can choose from a range of options, including custom logos, backgrounds, and colors.

9 months ago

The company makes a point of celebrating the diversity of its employees, regardless of background. They’re relatively young — the company is the youngest in YC to go from demo day to $1 million in revenue — and more than half of the team is female.

11 months ago

A startup which makes it easier for people to find and hire new employees. FindEngine helps companies find new employees by running a background check, then connects the job seeker with the job.

5 months ago

This company wants to help companies deal with the “digital exhaust” of their own employees, which includes information that can be used to identify a person’s preferred job, background, and interests.

11 months ago

A B2B platform that lets businesses find the best rates for background checks.

11 months ago

A group of professional marketers and designers with a background in creative agencies and marketing startups.

5 months ago

A startup that aims to help people get work done in the background while they’re on the subway.

6 months ago

Another concept that aims to be a part of the massive global demand for mobile payments. The app works with existing mobile phones and the user’s bank account and then processes the transaction in the background.

10 months ago

A startup that allows you to create a photo book with your phone's camera, with the option to make artwork, backgrounds, and frames

7 months ago

A product that helps users create a “digital CV”, allowing them to share information about their background and skills in order to find better jobs.

11 months ago

A company that’s building a toolset to help companies with medical training, which could reduce the amount of time it takes to train people with medical backgrounds.

8 months ago

A financial services startup that uses AI to process loan applications in the background.

5 months ago

A tool for restaurants to manage their online presence, including online ordering, reservations, background checks, and all of the financials.

1 month ago

This company is building a platform for sharing and publishing photos to social media networks. Users can pick from a range of examples and edit them until they’re just right. It’s an effective way to share photos, with some of the backgrounds and imagery being quite striking.

7 months ago

A startup that provides recruiters and hiring managers with a way to see applicants’ skills and background quickly and easily.

3 months ago

A chat app for kids that infuses video into the app. The startup’s founders have a background in animation, with one of the founders previously working on the "Finding Nemo" sequel.

16 days ago

A matchmaking service that also handles background checks and drug screenings for prospective dates.

4 months ago

A startup that provides advice on how to ride a bike. The people behind the startup are veterans of the bike industry, and they want to move away from a background that is focused on the bike industry to one that is focused on consumers.

9 days ago

An online learning tool for those with a background in IT to learn the latest in cybersecurity. The startup is looking to partner with schools and other companies to help teach students.

22 days ago

A startup that lets users pick out a workout and have the fitness app deliver it to them by working out in the background.

5 days ago

A video platform that allows you to group together people of similar backgrounds and interests and other users who want to join their group. It’s similar to other social networks like Meetup, but different because it’s built for groups of specific interests, like comedy or hiking.

28 minutes ago

A company that makes the process of hiring remote contractors easier. The startup allows contractors to fill out a background check and get a credit check with their credit card, which they use to submit a request to work with a company of their choice. The startup takes a small percentage of the base payment and a percentage of the base payment as a fee whenever the request is approved.