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by @levelsio

Tiny Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A startup that sells furniture for people who live in tiny homes

1 year ago

A mobile app that turns your smart phone into a tiny Internet router and a way to share your phone's connection with others. It’s kind of like and VPN but for your phone.

1 year ago

A platform that allows users to store and manage their tiny home remotely. It’s like Airbnb for tiny homes.

1 year ago

The company that makes the Tiny Guide app is building an app that will help the blind navigate the streets of cities. The app uses a combination of technology and human volunteer navigators to point out street names, traffic lights and other landmarks. It also is likely to be the first app to integrate with the Apple Watch.

1 year ago

 TinyDesk is an online service that lets remote workers have “a desk in their pocket”. This is a product that helps employers manage their remote workers’ desks, and allows employees to take their work with them. The startup is funded by Y Combinator and CRV.

2 years ago

A startup that helps people who live in tiny homes learn how to be more efficient with their space

2 years ago

The company is building a startup for car-sharing and ride hailing in India. The product is a fleet of tiny electric vehicles that are part of a shared ride service.

2 years ago

A tiny startup with a big mission: it wants to find out what happens to coral reefs when they are threatened by climate change. The company has launched a stand up paddleboard to see how much pollution and sediment a reef can handle, and wants to combine this with data from satellites and drones.  The startup also wants to restore coral reefs and is building a drone to do this.  It plans to use this data to create predictive models of how reefs could react to climate change.

2 years ago

A company that aims to help folks in remote areas join the internet via satellite. It uses a combination of an on-the-ground antenna, GPS location and signal strength, and mobile coverage to triangulate a tower near the user and then send them a tiny satellite modem.

1 year ago

A tool that can be used to create “mini apps” that can be used to run tiny tasks on a business’s phone, like taking a picture with a tablet, or looking up a restaurant’s location.

1 year ago

Spectra is a startup that provides a platform for building better experiences for “heads-up displays” which are basically the tiny screens that are mounted on modern vehicles to display speed, navigation, and other information. It’s available on Android and iOS.

2 years ago

A tiny kitchen appliance that can make up to 50 different types of foods.

1 year ago

TinyBiz is a marketplace for small business owners to sell their services and products.

1 year ago

A finance startup with a focus on microloans. It wants to connect the world to tiny credit that they can use to make small purchases like groceries or pay small bills.

1 year ago

 This is a startup that builds a “tiny home” for people with mobility challenges.

1 year ago

A startup that builds a virtual reality “smart glove” for developers. The startup wants to make it easier for programmers to use the “magical” gloves that can track the tiny movements we make when typing, and other gestures.

1 year ago

A startup for third-party sellers on Amazon. The business is completely free for sellers, and takes a tiny commission from buyers.

9 months ago

This tech company is building a platform for people to set up and manage a “Tiny House” (an off-grid dwelling)

5 months ago

In a nutshell, it’s a tool for building tiny HTML/CSS/JS websites with a drag-and-drop interface.

1 year ago

A tiny computer that can be implanted into the brain, offering a way to treat chronic pain, mental illness, and even Alzheimer’s.

3 months ago

A company that uses the power of partnerships to help individual people invest in tiny startups and get a return.

1 year ago

"Tiny Bot" is a service that allows chatbots on any messaging service to speak to one another, with the goal of allowing businesses to create global chatbots. The company says it can scale up to chat with 1 billion users.

5 months ago

Y Combinator alum, a startup that allows people to buy and sell tiny houses

11 months ago

A tiny personal computer for a few dollars with a 3D printer for $4,000.

10 days ago

A tiny water purification system that attaches to a water bottle and filters out bacteria and viruses.

6 months ago

A startup that wants to replace the classic car with a vehicle that is made up of millions of tiny sensors.

8 months ago

This startup is building a “super-tiny, super-fast electronic sensor” that can take a pulse every 1/100 horsepower and that can be placed on a vehicle to optimize efficiency.