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by @levelsio

Trillion Startup Ideas

1 year ago

Aspiring to be like Amazon, this startup wants to be the Amazon of the $3.5 trillion retail industry. They say they’re currently focused on a core product that will eventually be able to make recommendations for products to customers, and have already signed up a number of retailers.

1 year ago

A company that’s building a social network for the $1.4 trillion dry cleaning industry

1 year ago

The startup is looking to disrupt the $2.8 trillion consumer credit industry, which it says is ripe for disruption by building a better credit scoring system for micro and small businesses using data from a company called Credit Karma.

1 year ago

Microfinancing platform that uses a machine learning algorithm to do credit checks and a risk assessment in order to make sure the capital they lend is actually utilized. Microfinance is a $2.6 trillion industry where millions of people lack access to loans, and that’s where the startup wants to come in and help.

1 year ago

This company is building a stock market for real estate, which it says is worth $1.4 trillion. The startup says they have $100 million in seed funding from investors like Accel, Greylock, and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as a $50 million Series A round led by Sapphire Ventures.

7 months ago

A supply chain management platform for restaurants and other food-related businesses. Growth is strong and the founders say they’re trying to make a dent in the $8.5 trillion food and beverage industry.

1 year ago

Building a decentralized model to connect businesses across the world, with a focus on the $3 trillion international business-to-business market.

1 year ago

A B2B company that aims to eliminate the $2 trillion in fees incurred by businesses in the US and Canada by providing them with a single online account to manage all of their accounts.

1 year ago

A solution for the $4 trillion global oil market where producers don’t have reliable inventories and retailers don’t have a clear picture of demand or low prices. Oil can be stored in underground tanks and is more valuable if it’s in the right place. Oil Tracker aims to connect all the different stakeholders in the oil market.

1 year ago

Disrupting the $1.6 trillion global student loan market as we know it. According to the company, there are currently more than 200,000 different student loans, but very few of them are offered by the same company.

1 year ago

A platform that helps a person’s insurance company manage assets and payments. The startup wants to help the more than 2 trillion dollars of assets under insurance in the US.

1 year ago

This startup is going after the $2.5 trillion PBOC, or People’s Bank of China. A financial technology startup that wants to serve the Chinese populace that isn’t as online-savvy as westerners.

1 year ago

Fintech startup looking to capture the $1.7 trillion market for international currency exchange.

1 year ago

This company is building software to help the top 1% of salespeople and leadership, which they say is a $3 trillion market.

7 months ago

A platform that helps small businesses get paid faster and easier. The startup is using its platform to tap into the $2 trillion dollar mobile payments market.

10 months ago

A platform that provides a digitalized M&A database for the $1 trillion middle market.

1 year ago

A platform for the $2.4 trillion international money transfer market.

11 months ago

A quality verification platform that tracks and verifies the quality of products. The company is focused on the $1.5 Trillion medical device market.

8 months ago

A credit card-processing platform for the $1.3 trillion microloan market.

21 days ago

DecideMe is a platform for people to make decisions about their own healthcare. The startup is looking to take huge inroads in the US, where they see a $1.7 trillion market, and plan to launch in 2017.

17 days ago

In-home health care is a $100 billion industry in the US and $5 trillion worldwide. Startups like Health2Go and TeleCare are trying to make it easier for health care workers to provide medical services at home.

10 months ago

A financial management tool for small businesses, pitched as a solution to the “$1 trillion dollar problem” of managing small business finances.

6 months ago

A digital marketplace for the US-based pharma sector, which generated $1.2 trillion in revenue in 2017. The company helps pharmaceutical companies sell through their own retail sites (like Amazon) as well as through platforms like Google and Facebook.

6 months ago

A P2P loan marketplace for the global unsecured consumer market, which is an estimated $2 trillion.

1 month ago

A startup that is building a commerce platform for the world’s $2 trillion restaurant industry. It helps restaurants create, manage and sell their menu.

1 year ago

Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.