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by @levelsio

Streamlining Startup Ideas

1 year ago

A startup that wants to make it easier to schedule interviews by streamlining the process of booking meetings and recruiting for jobs.

1 year ago

A tool for automating and streamlining the many steps it takes to launch a startup. Currently focused on the US, they want to help companies “bootstrap faster, raise better and get funded more easily.”

1 year ago

A platform for streamlining the process of managing rental properties, meant to save landlords money on things like insurance and repair work.

1 year ago

A startup that helps companies “reduce the time it takes to receive a quote from an insurance company” by connecting them directly to carriers and streamlining the process in a way that’s automated and simple.

1 year ago

A software company that helps insurance auto brokers become more profitable by streamlining their claims processes. They’re aiming to reach $2.5 million in revenue in the first year.

1 year ago

A B2B company that helps companies manage their supply chain operations more efficiently by streamlining it into a single network of vendors. The company helps companies manage and keep track of invoices, payments, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

1 year ago

A tool for streamlining internal communications for teams, including lists, tasks, and documents.

1 year ago

A Chinese-based startup that’s working on bringing a streamlining to the process of applying for a loan.

1 year ago

A startup developing a machine learning tool for streamlining data collection and analysis.

1 year ago

This is streamlining the process of managing employees in-person and remotely by making it much easier to communicate with employees, set up meetings, and review schedules. The company is currently piloting with large retailers, and plans to expand to other verticals in the future.

1 year ago

A startup that wants to build an AI-powered bot for streamlining the process of buying and selling tickets on secondary markets like Stubhub. The startup is also building a mobile app that helps users make these transactions more easily.

1 year ago

A startup that’s building a “self-serve” payment system for restaurants. It’s a product of the food-tech world, with the goal of streamlining the process of paying for orders.

8 months ago

A task management app that helps teams collaborate by streamlining communication between colleagues.

1 year ago

A platform for businesses to manage their insurance claims, streamlining the claims process and helping companies save money on premiums and time.

7 months ago

A real estate company that aims to use software to automate the process of buying and selling property, streamlining the process and making it accessible to the average Joe.

11 months ago

A platform for streamlining “the most frustrating part of the hiring process” for businesses.

10 months ago

Built for the entertainment industry, the startup wants to create a universal currency for the industry. The currency is meant to be used in software and streamlining payments.

6 months ago

 A startup that makes asset management software for landlords, streamlining their workflows, saving time and giving landlords more control.

9 months ago

A tool for streamlining the entire process of building a website. It aims to provide its customers with a turnkey web builder service meant to reduce the time taken to build websites with one-click tools.

7 months ago

A tool for streamlining the entire social security process, with an app that allows you to give money to a friend or relative as a gift, automatically.

1 month ago

A new take on social media for Millennials: streamlining the process of reporting content that is offensive, abusive, or otherwise violates your community standards.

2 months ago

A startup that helps companies communicate with their supply chain to reduce costs by streamlining the process of managing product deliveries.

1 month ago

Makes a visual guide for streamlining the process of writing a feature story in the newsroom, with a dashboard and dashboard buttons to help journalists easily mark things they want to focus on.

3 days ago

The startup is building a digital platform that helps insurance companies manage claims and claims-handling steps, streamlining the process for agents, employees, and clients to get claims handled.

1 year ago

Idea: SaaS for managing fleets of vans and trucks, aiming to reduce costs and administrative headaches by streamlining receipts, invoices, and other paperwork.

1 year ago

Idea: Software that offers a plug-and-play API for streamlining e-commerce in South America.